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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of excellence.

Technically N, L, and P in NLP mean:

N (Neuro) – Brain, sensory and nervous system, your means to receive information from the external and internal world that helps you form your perception.

L (Linguistic) – Verbal and non-verbal cues that make part of your understanding and means to communicate with the internal and external world.

P (Programming) – Conscious and unconscious programs that are run by us in our mind in response to stimulus and corresponding inference you draw from your experience



Sitanshu Mehrotra: +91 8178 501112
Sushil Mehrotra: +91 8285 005585

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Upcoming Events

NLP Practitioner Certification – Online
February 18, 2023   -   Online - Live Classes
9:30 AM   -    5:30 PM
NLP Practitioner Certification – Delhi
February 18, 2023   -   New Delhi
9:00 AM   -    5:00 PM
The Art of Storytelling – Online
February 25, 2023   -   Online
10:00 AM   -    5:00 PM
NLP Practitioner Certification – Pune
April 26, 2023   -   Pune, Maharashtra
9:30 AM   -    5:30 PM
NLP Master Practitioner Certification – Delhi
June 24, 2023   -   New Delhi, Delhi
9:30 AM   -    5:30 PM
NLP Life Coach Certification – Delhi
June 24, 2023   -   New Delhi
9:30 AM   -    5:30 PM

What People Say

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  • Very good. Very powerful. NLP is making more and more sense and the masters gave me just the missing pieces after doing Practitioner and practising NLP daily. Sushil is effective, knowledgeable and very good at explaining in different ways.
    Caroline Pool-Rosenmoller
    Sr. HR Professional
  • Couldn’t be better! I started the training at a vulnerable point of my life and I completed it when I am stronger than ever. Thank you!
    Pauroma Preety Mallick
  • Program was insightful, and to learnt models/ applications like achievable outcomes, linguistic presuppositions, anchoring and wheel of life which would positively impact my professional and personal life. Sushil himself was very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject.
    Janet James
    Training Manager
  • A great endowment in these five days of knowledge packed sessions! So much of learning imparted in a spirit of great humility. In fact, Sushil is a fountainhead of NLP and renders the teaching with great depth and joy. Many thanks, Sushil!
    Raman Kapoor
    Sr Journalist
  • The training was full of learnings, very experiential in nature. The therapies are magical. The learning with many stories and instances related to them will surely have long term impact. It can actually help in changing a person provided some required discipline is applied to life. THANK YOU FOR THIS TRAINING.
    Pooja Wadhera
  • A trainer who teaches you how Indian NLP is and how unknowingly we are using it everyday of our lives. A person who is just not your trainer for the duration of the workshop, but a friend, philosopher and guide for lifelong. Proud to be associated with one of the only two Indian Master Trainers of NLP Sushil Mehrotra
    Dipti Taluja
    Image Consultant
  • Experience was just amazing and undefinable. It actually brought many changes in me and my behaviour. My attitude towards life and people has actually changed. Thinking towards life has also changed a lot. At the end, I would like to thank Sushil and Sitanshu for the guidance. Actually the best trainers, I’ve met.
    Kriti Seth
  • The program was excellent. It has opened up a window for organising our beliefs and structuring the aspects of human behaviour and attitude in a well-defined manner. The program is the right one for any human beings who want achieve excellence is their life. Mr Sushil’s way of handling is commendable.
    S. Radhakrishnan
    Corporate Manager
  • It was fascinating experience and Sushil is a brilliant facilitator. This program has opened my mind to new possibilities and hunger to use the skills to improve myself. It’s possible! Many thanks to Sushil and Sitanshu for this experience. 🙂
    Swati Anand
  • It was an amazing workshop which filled me with a lot of zeal and resources which I can surely use on my clients by adding on my skills.
    Neha Anand
  • Amazing experience, helped me practically with examples. I was only reading books earlier and NLP changed me instantly. Now, I am on a ROCKET to BECOME ACHIEVER and GOOD HUSBAND, FATHER and SON. Sushil ji! Thank you very much.
    Manoj Yadav
    Sr. Corporate Manager
  • It was altogether a new experience of looking and knowing things. It really have given me a new vision. I am happy to get connected to Sushil Sir, who gave me confidence and hopes to look forward to future.
    Shilpi Sharma
  • Amazing 5 days for me. From my childhood days, I had fears/lack of confidence which comes ahead in cases like stage performance, presentations, etc. But after I learnt “Circle of Excellence”, I felt a change. I know things would be different from now onwards.
    Corporate Manager
  • It was fantastic experience. I learned a lot from this training, and it was a total value for money. If everybody on this earth does NLP, then I am hundred percent that all the conflicts will be resolved, and people will live happily and full of love. This training is worth it and fortunately we got a very good coach/trainer/guide Mr. Sushil Mehrotra
    Vijay Raichura
    Motivational Speaker
  • The experience was enlightening. Learnt new techniques which I never thought were possible. Also tried a few. Coming for Masters!
    Nitin Vyas
  • He is very passionate about the subject and is able to transfer the positive aspects of it to the audience.
    Dr Chandra Lekha Tuladhar
  • Amazing! If I can see changes in myself, I am sure that I will make a difference for others. Sushil, you were brilliantly helping in making me move through my emotions. I feel very positive. I feel a new me. Thank you so much. Will look forward to your support in future.
    Priyanka Wadhwa
  • After many years, I did kind of a formal study. The difference was this subject was one of my interest and secondly, Sushil maintained that grip of interest. I’m sure this would help me a lot in my professional and personal life too. I’m looking forward to practice it and make it a part of my life. Thank you so much. I never realised these 5 days are over. Thanks once again.
    Tarun Khetrapal
  • Mr Sushil’s method of teaching a subject like NLP which appeared complicated in the start, only to feel it very interesting and lively due to his energetic interaction with the participants. He also simplified and made the learning enthusiastic.
    Rajashree Kedage Rao
  • Made new friends and had a great trainer to teach me. And great techniques to make rock solid changes in life for SURE.
    Amandeep Cheema
  • It’s wonderful. I am confident, very satisfied and full of energy. I can see my goal at Professional and personal level clearly. Thanks to Sushil and NLP.
    Ritu Gulati
  • It was a great learning experience, enhancing skills not only to help oneself but also others.
    Bhavna Barmi