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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in simple words is study of excellence. NLP is a popular form of applied psychology that has some serious scientific backing for basic concepts. NLP is also defined by some as science and art of creating change. It is simple and with its vast application field you are bound to find different people define it differently. Technically N, L and P in NLP mean

N (Neuro) – Brain and nervous system,

L (Linguistic) – Language skills

P (Programming) – The unconscious programs that are run by us in our mind



Sitanshu Mehrotra: +91 8178 501112
Sushil Mehrotra: +91 8285 005585

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    What People Say

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    • Corporate Managers
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    • Amazing Program! I will implement in my day-to-day life. Sushil is an amazing trainer and he adds real and practical picture to the program, by which I am able to see through the result and adaptability, clearly and nicely. I will use the therapy and practice in work and personal space.
      Dipti Sharma
    • This was my first tryst with NLP, which I had been planning since years. After completing, I really wish I should have done it much before. An amazing workshop that has brought lot of clarity to my own self as an individual! The NLP techniques are amazing and I’m gonna practice them a lot. I guess, no one better than Sushil to learn NLP. 🙂 Keep It Up!!!
      Anju Gupta
    • Intense 5 Day training but loads of fun! Sushil has been a friend, coach and a mentor. He lucidly explains arcane concepts and makes you confident of using them. I wish him all the best.
      Vishwanath Majumdar
    • Eighteen years into Recruitment/Talent Acquisition. But these 5 days were WOW!! LIFE CHANGING!!!
      Manash Mandhata
      HR Professional
    • It was fascinating experience and Sushil is a brilliant facilitator. This program has opened my mind to new possibilities and hunger to use the skills to improve myself. It’s possible! Many thanks to Sushil and Sitanshu for this experience. 🙂
      Swati Anand
    • Got Insights that are very useful would have to learn more. I feel like being equipped with tools and techniques that will help me to excel in my chosen endeavours. Sushil is very effective trainer and he simplified complex concepts.
      Mukund N. Khedkar
      HR Manager
    • • Became aware of NLP Practices • Gone through the techniques personally • Learnt NLP Practices to apply • Sushil explained the concepts and techniques in a very holistic manner – appreciated him very much as a trainer
      Navin Chand
      Corporate Manager
    • It is phenomenal and very revealing for me. I really got a great knowledge + power + will that is going to transform my life. Positively in all directions. Simultaneously helping others to experience the same.
      Gaurav Saini
    • It was an amazing workshop which filled me with a lot of zeal and resources which I can surely use on my clients by adding on my skills.
      Neha Anand
    • Amazing experience, helped me practically with examples. I was only reading books earlier and NLP changed me instantly. Now, I am on a ROCKET to BECOME ACHIEVER and GOOD HUSBAND, FATHER and SON. Sushil ji! Thank you very much.
      Manoj Yadav
      Sr. Corporate Manager
    • It was altogether a new experience of looking and knowing things. It really have given me a new vision. I am happy to get connected to Sushil Sir, who gave me confidence and hopes to look forward to future.
      Shilpi Sharma
    • Great Experience | Amazing Learning ! Sushil has demonstrated outstanding knowledge and experience in the subject throughout the program.
      Priti Khare
      HR Corporate Manager
    • Completely Experiential. The learning was gradual and the trainers made the alien language absolutely easy to digest. Sushil had real examples to share which made me relate back to my reality and the way I view the world around.
      Sabeela Masroor
    • 5 Days of training was absolutely fun and great interaction. There were a lot of emotions which were uncovered. Lot of interactions during the class. Demonstrations were great and I could observe lot of things. Loved the session. Thank you!
      Mahendra Mishra
      Corporate Manager
    • He is very passionate about the subject and is able to transfer the positive aspects of it to the audience.
      Dr Chandra Lekha Tuladhar
    • Mr Sushil’s method of teaching a subject like NLP which appeared complicated in the start, only to feel it very interesting and lively due to his energetic interaction with the participants. He also simplified and made the learning enthusiastic.
      Rajashree Kedage Rao
    • As a medical professional, I could understand the science of NLP but to understand the art of NLP through Sushil was an eye opener, indeed it is the study of the structure of subjective experience.
      Dr Hentok Phom
    • After many years, I did kind of a formal study. The difference was this subject was one of my interest and secondly, Sushil maintained that grip of interest. I’m sure this would help me a lot in my professional and personal life too. I’m looking forward to practice it and make it a part of my life. Thank you so much. I never realised these 5 days are over. Thanks once again.
      Tarun Khetrapal
    • Amazing! If I can see changes in myself, I am sure that I will make a difference for others. Sushil, you were brilliantly helping in making me move through my emotions. I feel very positive. I feel a new me. Thank you so much. Will look forward to your support in future.
      Priyanka Wadhwa