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Words That Harm, Words That Heal

The first thing we learn during childhood is language. Every word has some meaning, pictorial image attached to it. For instance, I say Lion and your mind will create an image of an animal of full beard with immense power, strength and fierceness.

You mind will be gazed with unlimited fear giving you goose bumps. So it is evident that words have the capacity to change your state of mind. They have the prowess to motivate you during the tough going dispensing belief to fight against all odds. If used negatively, the words that can shatter the confidence during the purple patch too.

Words have the magical power to harm and heal. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program) is a tailor made program based on the interconnection between neurology, language and how we choose the world to reflect our inner conscious and experience a shift in paradigm in our behavior pattern.

A shift in belief takes your body to auto pilot mode and healing starts. It is scientifically proven that our body mechanics are by default programmed to heal. Body wants to heal itself all the time, but our trapped thoughts in the mind create resistance and friction.

Words healing are a part of emotional intelligence. Now, I wouldn’t specify any special list of words capable of transforming the entire life, but will lay my complete focus on making you understand the significance of words. Emotional intelligence means the awareness about brief understanding about the emotions invoked in different situations and using it your favor.

Human is the only specie among all species to use emotion as tool of progress and evolvement. If you feel emotionally unstable and finding hard to cope with daily routine stuff. Emotional intelligence training program is specifically designed for you to eradicate all trapped thoughts, emotions and feelings and unlock your hidden potential.

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