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Why you no longer depend on others for happiness

Once a philanthrophist said “Never donate your happiness to someone else”, now why did he say. Happiness, joy, excitement and fun are the personal properties we inherit from the source consciousness. They are the necessity of life, then how come you donate them to another and expect them to use it to your benefit.

For instance, you  are in a relationship with an opposite sex, but emotions and feelings are under construction.You are constantly looking at your mobile clock thinking why has he not called you yet? After all, it’s Saturday, you are fuming and a sense of sadness and anxiety has just crept in.

Why is the other person not here, what about the promise? Is she/he taking my emotions for granted. I had a horrible day at the office and  was depending on him/her to lighten me up and this lethal surprise left you shattered. Your emotions are gathered at throat and are ready to explode.

The summary of the story is your happiness is decided by the actions of the others. Now, here are few timeproven steps to realize that why you no longer depend on others for happiness taught during our life coaching training program:-

Don’t make another person the tool of happiness

The other person is not your tool for happiness. He is a complete person with personalized emotions, feelings, struggles, goals and aspirations. Indirectly you are spoiling your’s and other person’s life by exerting excessive pressure. He/she is not there to fulfill all your dreams. Don’t objectify.

The essence is you should never wait around for someone to bring happiness. Instead, be happy. Find your passions, socialize with your friends circle. Don’t fall prey to loneliness.

Your actions are responsible for every bite of success

Your actions are responsible for isolation. Life coaching teaches you to release the dependency from others and break your comfort zone. Be accountable to your actions and seek different ways of happiness.