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Why words are magical & how they influence our behavior

Language is, was and will be the mode of communication responsible for survival and productivity, express their views and make other person understand. Language is the essence and brings variety to life.

Language is a series of words. A group of words form a line and various line form paragraph and so on. Words are the building block of language and are magical enough to influence our behavior, feelings and emotions. Before the era of E-mail and internet, feelings were expressed on letters and posted. Every word written on letter had feelings and can be felt, yes, strange, but a true fact.

A word has magical properties and has the prowess to deceive, heal, motivate, depress and leave a gigantic impact on any emotion possible. It helps in shaping our belief system and attitude towards life. We speak thousands words every day, but never charged them with feelings and change your environment around.

Power of words is an integral part of emotional intelligence and can resolve any conflict, develop common sense, decision making ability, leadership skills, quality relationship, robust health and peaceful life. What else do we want from life?

Once you learn the trick to fusion the power of thought, word and sound, magic happens. It is now proved that sound has different vibrations and affect the mood of other person. If you choose the suitable word and assemble it with pleasant tone, it will win other person heart. His thoughts would be influenced and sooner or later will get affected from your mirror neurons.

This is also a concept behind the science of law of attraction too. Feelings wrapped with words can attract the matter and manifest in real life. You just need to enter inside the consciousness and let the miracle happen. So next time don’t just speak, speak with feelings and emotions to influence the entire cosmos.