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Why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work?

A lot of us are given to believe that just by thinking in some particular way all your dreams will simply materialize. Some ask you to stick pictures on your wall and others advise to stick a thousand rupee bill with few zeroes added on your ceiling and it will soon materialize in your bank account (you in fact lose that bill as well, as it is not usable anymore and please note it is a criminal offence to deface national currency…). Many teach visualization techniques and make you sit visualizing your dream car, home and hope it will come true… someday… and if it doesn’t there is some problem in you.

The Law attraction has become a metaphysical joke now. People give gyaan and many sell it because its hot. After the success of “The Secret”, many movies used the idea, and propagated it with what they understood of it. It was sold like bottled genie, open and… there your dream comes true. With promise also came fear, few days back I received a call from a rather harried man, he was sounding very concerned after he was introduced to “The Law of Attraction” in a recent seminar, apparently what he understood from the speaker was whatever he thinks, will come true. From past sometime he had been very worried about his family and had been having negative thoughts, and he assumed just because he was thinking negative, they would manifest themselves in some sort of harm to his family. This led him to blame himself of bringing about doom on his loved ones and this thought made things worse for him.

So, does it work??? Or better question how does it work???
Answer to first question is hidden in my second question, and that is – it does work… the bigger and more pertinent question is how do you make it work for you?
One thing that I have experienced is that it does not work on its own, so, if you think that just by thinking and visualizing and sticking a picture of e-class will get you that car forget it… to get this car you need to do little more than that. First, your thought must be pure i.e. make sure you first get rid of any limiting beliefs that you may hold you back (I have seen many saying, “let me test it… I know I can’t get it, but let me put some big one and see if law of attraction will get that for me…”). How you do that, might be slightly complicated and I use some help from NLP techniques. Second, your thought must be supported by some serious action, and here comes a lot of NLP. To achieve anything, the first part is goal, and once you check your goal on all NLP goal setting parameters, what you uncover is something that is truly amazing. I have seen people changing what they were thinking, redefining, being happy about the change and even happier once they get it.

So, in essence, to make law of attraction work, you need to translate what you wish for in a really actionable goal and then take action to achieve it. The story doesn’t end here; as you should be observant of what is happening around you and at the same time be willing to change your approach, in case you find things not going where you would like them to go.

It is best experienced during a live seminar and a flavor of same you would be able to get on some of my upcoming webinars, so keep looking…


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