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Why the best leaders hack their leadership style?

The leading capacity subsists on the interpersonal skill, which works as like a key to achieve the goal. The personality of leadership includes a unique level of communication as like sharing of ideas, quick decision-making capability and so forth. A leader should be a good speaker as long as a good audience because silence is the key to the best speaking.

On the other hand, it is said that action is louder than voice, so in addition to the quick decision making there must have to hack the style of action to short out the corresponding problems and guts to accept the challenges at any rate. So to hack a leadership style, it is better to do something instead of giving direction only. This is so because due to lack of action your thoughts feeling or sharing of ideas is meaningless among the masses. So there is the need to emphasis on the extrovert behaviour to hack the meaningful communication. As a leader, your thoughts of vision should be crystal- clear instead of any confusion. You should avoid the inferiority complex about the estimation of any situation and never try to underestimate yourself. Hence, the key factors to hack your leadership style should be as follows.

i) You can be creative as like a writer in thinking and make decision but it should be avoidance of reference while implementing your ideas. So never try to follow other and it will be very helpful to escape from the activity of the cut, copy and paste.

ii) There should be mutual understanding to collaborate with the team member. It will develop the power of delivering your thoughts, feeling, and ideas to act for the team. It is very helpful to continue the workflow but it should not be exceeded since the exigencies of it behave as a resistance in the flow of current and finally it may be the derogation of the creativity.

iii) On the other hand, a leader should be stick to the power of motivation to get the productive outcome among the team members. Since motivation power flashes the uniqueness of interpersonal and managing skill, it will guide you to prepare for the strategic planning to integrate your workflow and achieve the goals.