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What is the difference between a leader and a follower?

There are two types of persons in the world. Firstly, the ones who swim against the social norm and establish their own dynasty. The second ones are insecure people incapable of taking bold decisions with the risk element involved. They are happy being a follower and earn their bread and butter.

“Leader” is not a word of modern textbooks, but has enlived in the human society by different names in different eras, but with the same substance. Being a history books narcissist, I read about the various wars and came up with an interesting conclusion. War is not a battle between two armies, but among two leaders. Once the leader is knocked out, the army surrenders.

Needless to say we all understand the importance of leadership skills. Leaders live a regal life, their style statement is a country anthem. A Leader has a third vision of wisdom called common sense. So if you are still reading this write up, the desire of becoming a leader must be popping within the mind.

Yes, you can. Leaders are made and not born in the world of matter. We at wisdom Tree Solutions provides a comprehensive, full featured visionary leadership training program  to our clients, enabling them in developing all the ingredients required to become a successful leader. The program curriculum includes:-

  • Progressive goal setting
  • Identifying the untapped talent in the team
  • Developing soft and interactive communication skill
  • Decision making ability irrespective of any unwanted situation
  • Inherit various qualities from employees

A leader always leads by example. Supervisors, managers, CEO, CFO and HR are the modern day leaders in the corporate world.Mark my words Leader is not a status, post or designation, but is a state of mind.

Emotion is energy into motion. A leader is always in charge of his emotions and knows when to snooze and trigger different emotions. Remember a follower has a limited territory to blossom, while the leader decodes unlimited human potential and glorifies his success to different realms of the universe. NLP leadership training can help you in realizing your inner self and crafting a new future.

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