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What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming that covers the three dominant components responsible for modifying human sensory experience through a brief understanding of neuro(the mind), language and human programming.

Since the advent of human civilization, we have discovered and learned numerous languages from phonetics to full-fledged scripts, but seldomly tried to understand the language of the mind.

NLP studies how directives to the mind modify behaviour patterns, habits and thought processes. It serves as a user manual for the mind. Once you know how to operate the mind & become a master of the language; any and everything is achievable.

NLP talks about the conscious and unconscious mind as one. The conscious mind observes and analyzes the outside world while the unconscious mind processes the data to form ideas and beliefs.

To be honest, NLP is all about making life simpler. It is not a concept out of a book but something worth experiencing.

Raghunath Tripathi

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