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What does it Mean to have Leadership Skills?

It means huge, massive and flexible at the right time. Leaders are like charged magnet capable of attracting all the iron around. Leaders are self sustained entities with a vision and decision making ability. Their skills and success relies on solid foundation.

It is a fact that 1% billionaires across the world controls the 95% money flow on the planet. These 1% people are market leaders and control the world economics. This is a rough diagram covering only one aspect on leadership and you are already feeling larger than life.

In a layman language, leader is the one, who has a solution to every problem and fix them with immediate effect. Before we enter the room of a leader, let’s analyze our life and why are you reading this blog. You wake up in the morning, freshen up yourself and leave for office.

You are been appointed at a specified and designation and given various tasks based on your skill set. You perform those tasks during the entire day and end the day completely exhausted cursing your job. You have no agenda.

There is someone else, who strategize all the policies forwarding the task to the employees to follow. So, do you have a control on your life? Do you take your own decisions? Well no and this is the reason, why you are reading this blog, to have all the solutions to your problem.

We all are blessed with leadership traits, but these skills remain unrecognized during the entire lifetime because we don’t want to realize it. Being a leader is more than simple, realize why are you living this kind of life and what type of life you wanted to live. Find the reason.

Start taking your own decisions, be innovative and above all never fear from failures. It is a first step to success.