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Unlimited Human Potential

Neuro Linguistic Programming believes in and works on unlimited human potential. Let’s look at some of the presuppositions of NLP

  • Every person has required resources to achieve desired outcomes.
  • There are no un-resourceful people only un-resourceful states.
  • If one person can do it, anyone can learn to do it.

One of the most common reasons for people not achieving the results they want to achieve is “limiting belief”. How frequently we come across people who start by saying “I cannot do…” The reality is they certainly can if they want to. Sometimes these beliefs are the gifts from people we spend our time with. A casual remark by a teacher or a friend and many a times from parents, create deep impression in our unconscious mind and we keep reiterating “I am not good at … and I can’t do …”.

Basic NLP structure works to undo this code. It explores how we program our mind and how we run these automated programs that start given a situation. These processes are often run unconsciously and most people find it difficult to change. NLP works to bring forth these programs, and once you are aware of the program you can change it, isn’t it. Several NLP pattern like rewrite personal history, Swiss pattern, Submodality belief change help remove limiting beliefs and install new more powerful positively biased beliefs.

NLP also works on states. Emotional states are possibly another major area that impacts personal performance and effectiveness. A person who is depressed, anxious, sad, de-motivated would fail to garner energy required to accomplish a task. That is where motivation and resourceful states play a very important role. Stating your goals in a way that it will help align your conscious and unconscious, managing your physiology and psychology to achieve excellence are some very powerful mantras to create change for yourself. Difference NLP brings is that it creates these changes, so apart from advice, it is one science that is practical oriented. Anchoring techniques in reality change the emotional state and bias a person towards taking action. Using timeline to help visualize a future goal with affirmations cements your goal and gives you real actionable points to work on.

Now, can you imagine getting out of bed to look forward to an exciting Monday at work, full of energy and motivation? NLP can do it for you…


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