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The Power of Unconscious

The mind is divided into three parts, the conscious, sub conscious and the unconscious. The conscious and sub conscious are the awakening state of mind and is primarily responsible for activities related to logic, analysis and critical differentiation. The part of the brain, where “I” reside

Here is an interesting trivia, the unconscious part of mind is more active than the conscious mind, even in the during the sleep time. It is a part of the brain, where memories are stored in the Pandora box, controls the body function (From respiratory system to heart beat) and the place, where wisdom, creativity and common sense live.

This is the reason dreams are so creative and enhances our intuition power. It takes you a new dimension capable of solving any problem. This portion has the capability to learn new skills within the mind and we master the skill easily in real time too.

The problem is we teach our self negative emotions and bad habits like depression, stress, anxiety and chanting old painful memories, indirectly negatively impacting our health. To discharge the trapped thoughts and stinking memories giving mental bruises, hypnosis is a best form of practice.

During the hypnosis session, the candidate is taken to the trance state by the practitioner. Trance is actual a broken conscious state. During trance the hypnotist give candidate some simple tasks and asks few relevant questions and ask the subject to surrender all his stress and painful memories. During hypnotism the patient is always in control and the discussion is further guarded by mutual consent.

The hypnotist opens the Pandora box of hurtful feelings and resolve them one by one, opening all the threads of nexus and finally releasing all the trapped emotions, feelings and thoughts. Once the unconscious mind is relaxed you can achieve impossible.

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