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The power of spontaneity

Everybody admires a person, who is spontaneous, innovative, ideas erupts like lava from the volcano and always up to new challenges in life giving adrenaline rush.

We admire spontaneity, but fear of breaking the comfort zone makes us vulnerable to different situations. We stick to routines closing all the doors of uncertainty due to fear of losing control over situations. Fear of failure, insecurities, rejection, guilt, shame and humiliation from others kills our freedom. We fear what others will think about you? Are you still the Apple of their eyes?

We want to play it safe, even at the cost delaying the decision, when the instant action is required. Your every decision is influenced by others. Don’t you want to take control over your decisions and life? Daily routine and firmly rooted internal constraints make the life really boring after some time. If the water become still, it stinks.

Never look for stability because it doesn’t exist. Why don’t we allow to your act immediately and bring something out of box every time. Break your self- protective mode. This is all because you don’t trust your abilities and lack self belief. Stop being a puppet. Realize the power of spontaneity.

Enjoy the gift of unpredictability, stop being over sensitive and start taking risks. Fear is not good for greats. Successful entrepreneur, business magnets, celebrities and emerging leaders across the globe hires life coaches to simplify their hectic and complex life.

Life coaching is a brief understanding between a coach and a client, where the coach examine the current situation of your life, the transition phase client is going through, realizing the client’s goals and obstacles being faced and choosing a course of action to fulfill all his dreams and goals.

The first chapter taught by the life coach is the power of spontaneity. Realize it and apply it.