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The Language of Leadership

What is leadership? It is an art to influence other people through challenging actions, engaging communication, ability to build quality relationship with others and stand toe to toe during good and bad times.

We all are leaders, but during different phases. Whenever we influence our friend, relative, co-worker or better half, we are their leader at that moment of time. Leading is about leaving torch bearing trails for the people to follow. Now the actual situation is that people around us don’t want our leadership.

If you are assigned an authoritative post in the office, then they might follow your instruction during office timings within the premises, but outside office the scenario is complete vice versa. Why are you not able to build that connection with people around them and express your emotions, ideas and correlating behavior?

So this blog is about how to influence others with innovative and bold ideas, if they are hardly interested in hearing your idea as a leader training. Once a great philosopher said” Communication is a currency to buy leadership skills”. An effective communication can work for short term in achieving short term goal, but can’t be instrumental in long term goals. Short term goals are like personal transaction between you and your employees.

You need to get out of the bubble and take your relationship beyond personal transaction. The difference between the boss and the leader is that boss gives instructions, while an everlasting leader inspires their colleague internally and outside office premises.

The leader form personal rapport with the employees and is always ready to stand by them. This activity diminishes the fear of insecurity and the employees become loyal. They are ready to run that extra mile for you because their mind is conditioned with the fact that you are always there to protect them.

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