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What are the Core Elements of Personality Development?

What is personality? It is an amalgamation of various human characteristics inherited through parent’s genes or developed through society forming a full fledged character of the person.

Every personality is unique and has something new to offer, but problem arrives, when we are incapable of tackling daily problems. No one is happy, problem explodes at various frequencies and at different level.

Now, this is the time to upgrade your personalities, i.e. need new add on’s and plug-in in personality for optimum results. This is the original, non fabricated essence of personality. Ask yourself, why you want to understand the core elements of personality development?

Personality development isn’t about dashing personality and luxurious lifestyle, but the ability to influence others through feelings and acts. Core elements vary from person to person, but in general the core elements of personal development are:-

What do you want- What type of personality development you need? If you want to grow an Apple tree, you can’t sow the seed of mango. Be specific. Visualize the personality you desire. Write down the changes, you aspire to see within you. Clear your vision from the confusion dust.

Self belief

Other will invest their trust in you only if you possess utmost self belief. God help those, who help themselves. Other will always pin point the weakness and criticize you, they are hardly interested in your success, but will surely savor the failures. Live for yourself, not for others.

Be a good student

Who is a good student? One, who never iterates “I know”, but is always ready to learn something more. He is never satisfied and always shares his handful knowledge with contemporaries, employees and friends.

Personal growth happens within, it you want to witness a revolutionary change within you, meditation is the key.

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5 easy ways to develop magnetic personality

We all get influenced by celebrities, political leaders, entrepreneur and various other influential personalities from different domains and directly or indirectly imitate them or follow their style.

Why is it that you don’t get influenced by a normal working employee or a vegetable seller? Both are good at their job, then what is the reason behind this propelling magnetism?

It is the personality, they done. They don’t do different things, but do things differently. You just recognize them through their perception, attitude and positive vibes, suddenly you see spilling enthusiasm around and crowd gathering. You know he is the one?

Before I reveal six easy ways to develop magnetic personality, here is a quick information trivia. Every human body has a small amount of magnet within, mostly found near the sacral chakra of the body. Once we charge the human magnet by adopting various psychological changes, you can easily attract people around.

So here are six ways to develop magnetic personality:-

Communicate naturally & make other person feel relaxed

Let the other person express his feelings and emotions, listen to them lovingly and patiently. Speaking politely and be specific. Being helpful and showing your presence, when most needed. It is an indirect signal that you love the other person and is a warm spirited person.

Make yourself easily approachable

You have to be the guy, who can easily be approached, but that doesn’t mean sacrificing your work and leisure time to help others. You should be a man with solutions, not questions.

Be inspirational

People always seek for a source of inspiration and motivation. People will not get inspired, if you tell them what is your goal or how will you accomplish it, but will follow your path, if your reveal the reason behind achieving the goal.

Most of the people set the goal without a vision, you have to be different.

Good sense of humor

A good sense of humor is always an asset to your personality. It lightens the mood and environment around. It makes the personality cool, balanced temperament and zeal to achieve the goal instead of many hurdles.

Intense commitment

There is no substitute to dedication, commitment and determination. Sincerity suggests that you are a man of work and take every action seriously.

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How does soft skills training helps in personal development?

What are soft skills?

A person is judged based on two skills during the interview and office tenure. These are your hard and soft skills easily demonstrated through your brain and heart.

Hard skills are the convertible skills or the technical skills assessed by the qualifications, job experience and various other accolades, where as soft skills is the other side of the coin. Soft skills are the inherited skills embedded with our personality. These are non technical skills, which includes influential and engaging communication, team work, self motivation, decision making ability and problem solving temperament.

Hard skills can take your career graph up to an extent, but if you aspire to break all the barriers and set a new milestone, then soft skills becomes more than mandatory. You enter into a leadership dimension, where every employee bestows the utmost faith in your abilities and surrenders. This is the real essence of leadership.

People will always look up to you for the solution because you are the ultimate panacea. It reflects in your attitude and perception towards various situations.

How soft skills help in upgrading the personality

The definition of influential and out par personality is upgrading every aspect of your mind, body and soul. It includes your posture, communication, behavior pattern, body language, empathy, flexible attitude, social management and various other traits, which reflects in your personality.

When there is no fear, everyone witness security and unlimited freedom. You develop into a positive and diverse human kind with high emotional intelligence. So if you aspire to upgrade your personality and earn the wealth of wisdom, develop the feeling of acceptance. Accept your reality, the environment around, other people and learn the zeal to change the negative and transform them into positive.

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Personality Development Lessons That We Must Learn From “The Matrix”

If I had to choose the best movie ever seen, it has to be Matrix trilogy. The movie was deeply inspired from the teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism core concepts. The movie highlights the character “Neo” and his journey of transformation from being under dog to savior of human kind. The movie is filled with various quotes capable of transforming your personality into a unique, strong and independent one.

So here are the top two personality development lessons that we must learn from “The Matrix”.

1-Spoon boy: Do not try and bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead… only try to realize the truth.

Neo: What truth?

Spoon boy: There is no spoon.

Neo: There is no spoon?

Now, this is a shocker of a statement. It is not the spoon that bends, it is you. It means don’t try to change the world outside. It is next to impossible to mould the world to your expectations, but easy to bend your ego. Bring the change within, adjust your attitude and change the view of your perception. Life will be easy.

2- There is an instance in the movie, where Morpheus asked NEO “Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream?” This statement clearly suggests understanding the source of information around. Who is feeding various new thoughts, concepts, fears, phobias and pseudo personalities? Yes, it is the media.

Every time fears are installed in our mind by the media. This is a huge conspiracy by the advertisers to enhance their sales. Advertisers sell dreams, but it is important to be aware and choose on their merit. This is called decision making ability. Wake up from the dreams and see the reality.

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Focus is Our Inner Universe, It Always Expands

If you have been aware and alert during the school and college classes, one dialogue from the faculties was common “Focus”. They lay surmount emphasis on focus, as it stores the information on conscious mind and later leave the imprints on the sub conscious mind, where long term memory reside.

It is a normal experience, whenever we focus on any object, it magnifies. If you focus on the worries, it will multiply and unknowingly the sub conscious mind will propel you to make mistakes and attract new problems and worries.

The reality, you can get rid of any problem, just by changing the focus. If we simplify the above statement, it indicates to focus on the positivity around and sense of enthusiasm and motivation will ignite in your nerves and spine.

For example, you will always find posters of children smiling in the room of a pregnant lady. Why, for the simple fact that it keeps the women happy and joyful. They live in an illusion and dream about their baby, being the most adorable and loved child.

Focus is an elementary aspect of personality development. If you want to groom the personality, keep the focus on and leave the rest on the sub conscious mind. During our NLP personality development training program, we analyze every aspect of the candidate personality and understand various focus centers responsible for the life the candidate is living today.

The next step is to encourage a shift in paradigm in the behavior pattern and focus. We explain the candidate to focus on the core strengths and positive aspects of the personality and discuss various methodologies and techniques to harness it.

So, don’t worry, develop a robust personality with extensive skill set through the sub conscious imprinting.

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Change Yourself for Extraordinary Results with Personality Development Training

The first thing we are taught is to dream big and achieve the feat in real time, but is never taught about the twist and turns, leap and frogs of life giving massive jolts to our self belief and confidence.

I came across many bestsellers promoting the concept of law of attraction and how to master the skill, but does that really work in real life. You keep visualizing yourself sitting in a Lamborghini, but I bet it will never happen until some drastic path breaking measures are taken.

It is evident that your basic nature is not compatible with success, so it is better to change the default settings to customize. A change in behavior and habits can change your stars. Now here is a full proof way on how to change you for extraordinary results with personality development training.

Here are few points:-

The power of love

In my point of view, there is no such theory of law of attraction, but it is actually law of love. Before I proceed, it is important how to manifest any desire through our mind. We don’t attract, we manifest.

To manifest any thought, desire in real life, there must be a reason behind it. Once the reason is crystal clear, a part of mind called amygdale generates a self belief. It is our primitive brain, which understands the language of survival.

Once the goal is set, the next question is how to achieve it. This calculation is done by the left side of the brain responsible for logical thinking. So a fusion of feelings and logic is capable for attracting any entity from the universe.

Express the emotions through the actions

According to research actions has more importance than words. They dispense a sense of trust and accountability. You might an influential speaker, but until actions doesn’t demonstrate your authenticity, you are a loser in others eyes.

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Five Ways to Fake Confidence

How? your non-verbal communication enough to impress anyone, and pretend to have confidence,  is an essential factor. Actually fake confidence, a total projection of lucidity of being wise, try to impress or hide inferiority before anyone. For doing so some essential postures is applicable. Impeccable of this activity show you as a right person in a meeting or at interview time. That’s why it also a part of personality development.

Stand confidently quiet fearlessly and shamelessly, is all about your skill of defeating inferiority complex, and proving smart. Close your eyes from stimuli surrounded by you. Incubation process is started within a few seconds and you get creative ideas of the confidence. Just chill dear and feel relaxed, try to adjust yourself in the situation, the heart bit rate should be normal,so that ideas of emotion flashes in your mind and an iconic image created meanwhile. Now you would become aggressive for the better performing.

Adjust yourself for appearing smiley face to the audience. Think through why? Your presentation is important. Avoid to sketching the reminiscent of sweet moment of your memory. Presume you are alone even if you are surrounded by audience. Introduce in the way of progressive and energetic to indicate that as a right person. Expose to appear a pleasing personality so that listener count the value of your presentation.

Open your eyes and try to concentrate the very few out of all stimuli, try to make eye contact and face the presentation cheerfully. You should ignore prolonged eye contact to escape from getting nervous. At the moment you perceive a social interaction and each and every person as like familiar with you. The instinctive and mutual understanding of focusing endeavor, gains a positive response from the audience.

Personality Development Training may be fruitful to correct your mistakes on time, you get a proper guideline, neglect adherence too much for correcting the mistakes. It is not necessary that audience focus on a little mistakes, so don’t mind a little fault. Propel the listener to capture their attention about your speech. Uniqueness and simplicity is important part so that anyone interact with the speaker.

As long as a good speaker, quality of a good listener is immutable. Slower the voice which contains lucidity, vivacity of attaining the opportunity for the interface and pleasing personality boost the presentation. Avoid over thinking but not laughing which may causes a commotion. Expose the thought and feeling overtly in accordance with the time and situation. Be self respected is one the ease of personality Development, so pay attention to self respect and avoid the arrogant posterity. Speak the truth, as a supportive of the communication skill and formality is the one of the best thing. Avoid the irrelevant, speech must be easy to represent the speakers thought and ideas so that possibility of cross question is derogated automatically.

Conclusively sound presentation depends upon the best endeavor, thoughts, feelings and ideas. All stimuli is the key to the cognitive process, import for exposing the personality, where in body language has of its specific significance. Emission of glaze but not hesitation, must be negligible to zero.

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How to Build Rapport in 30 Seconds

What is rapport? It is a close harmonious relationship with mutual understanding and appreciating each other emotions and feelings. We tend share cool rapport with people having common interest and interact at the same frequency of ours. A great rapport is a clear sign of quality relationship.

Rapport building has utmost significance in marketing and hospitality sector. They teach the students playing the right chord of emotions of customers or patients.

How to build rapport

First step

First step is always analyzing other person behavior, body language and mood. If you can observe these traits closely, the first level is easily crossed.

Second step

Second step is engagement. There may be occasion, when customer doesn’t respond in a positive tone and looks agitated. Don’t hang on him trying to explain the technicalities. Instead take a pause and ask in a polite way that is everything fine with him and can you ask for his valuable time.

This will calm the person and there are more probabilities that he might hear you patiently and respond positively. Be empathic and jolly at the same time. Include few common engaging subjects in between to keep the effective communication going.

Step three

Always look into the customer eyes and generate a feeling of goodwill and mutual trust. Try to smile with your eyes. Once the trust and camaraderie is established, the customer responds in a mirror image way.

Image mirror method is a way to win customer trust installing the faith in the comfort zone. The customer will completely rely on your decision making. It is a tricky art and involves a brief understanding about human emotions and psychology. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program) has been instrumental in finding innovative ways to supercharge the sales through various mind hack tricks.

If you see a dip in your sales graph affecting the company performance, NLP supercharge your sales is your sure shot solution.

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Invoking Creative Visualization Through Mind Power

Various mythological tales and scriptures have defined mind a pathway leading to God. Now what does that mean? Mythology is symbolic, but the science has now proved mind as a radio transmitter emitting signals in the universe. The entire world is just a mere reflection of mind. You can do wonders and achieve the unachievable, if you know the art of aligning your mind frequency with the cosmic universe.

Are you not getting the desired job, facing consistent failures in business, disturb personal life. Life has become a tank of unfulfilled desires and you are left with zero motivation to live life happily. It is high time to invoke your creative visualization power through the hidden mind power. This is a core concept of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program), a tool for personality development and psychotherapy to achieve unlimited happiness and maximum potential.

What is creative visualization?

Creative visualization is a cognitive process of visualizing mental images and recreating the old situation into new with modified feelings and emotions. Visualization opens new dimensions of possibilities giving a new goal to life embedded with the power of self belief. It all starts with a dream. Dream is a rough form of visualization and creative visualization polish the entire sequence resulting in robust plan and the body is geared to get into action.

In our NLP personality development training program we guide the candidate to visualize himself as a confident person with effective communication skill and unparallel decision making power and develop a self belief that he can achieve that state of mind. Visualization is a preview trailer of the future and as great philosopher states that if you can visualize it, you can achieve it. Join the NLP personality development course to amplify the positive traits of your traits above the sky.