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How to quit smoking with NLP

NLP has been instrumental in breaking the old behavior pattern and achieve peaceful state of mind and robust health. The swish pattern is highly acclaimed NLP technique used by the NLP practitioners  certification across the globe with commendable success ratio.

It has done wonders in case of addictions, unwarranted behavior and habits. People have got rid of major addiction like smoking and drugs through swish technique. Is smoking taking toll on your lungs affecting the personal and professional life?

Do you want to quit smoking within a month? Yes, you can. Here is how to do it.

First step is to let your addiction instinct take over. For instance, the NLP practitioner tells the client to light the cigarette and ask him “How do you feel”. Now here is an actual trick, usually clients say they feel relaxed. The picture is clear, cigarette is a stress buster for him.

When he inhales few puffs of cigarette, certain hormones are released in the body and imagination takes over. You have to delete the old imagination and replace it with more superior imagination.

Then the practitioner asks the client about any strong picture or imagination, which empowers him with immense will power and mental strength. For instance, in one case the client revealed his love for his wife and visualizes her as the life engine.

I asked him to light the cigarette and visualize you lying on the hospital bed and wife crying beside you cursing for the smoking habit. I told him to visualize the same image before lighting up the cigarette.

The client normally complains that both the image occurs at the same time. So, I ask him the view both the images in grid view and swipe the old image. This is called the swish technique. After few minutes, I asked the client to visualize both the images and he could no longer hold the old image. We tried this technique for 20 days and he was able to quit the smoking habit completely.

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Neutralizing Pain and pleasure through NLP

Electron, proton and neutron and how maintain the balance

Our life pendulum oscillates between the yin and yang energy, the pain and pleasure factor. Either you are in pain, trying your heart out to run away or barricading it. If you experience the pleasure, there is no stopping, we will seek unlimited attempt to experience it more and more.

Why is it so? Human runs on emotions, we always aspire to feel some tingling sensation giving adrenaline rush. Human is nothing more than a flesh and bone machine without emotion. It is the essence of life. Pain and pleasure are the consequence of emotional survival. To survive, we need various variations of emotions. Emotions are actually designed to activate unlimited enjoyment receptors in the mind.

Human body is pre programmed for evolvement and pleasure. Pain is a different form of pleasure, there is no need to press the skip button.

Why do we hate pain and easily get addicted to pleasure

Pain is a sensory stimulation displaying the warning signal of shattered self esteem and damage. Hate is actually a defense mechanism installed within us to protect us from all unpleasant circumstances. Without pain, pleasure has no existence.  The problem is we easily get addicted to pleasure. You want to maintain the tempo, but pleasure is endless and speed less.

Smoking, drug abuse and over eating are primary examples of addiction. You know it is injurious to health, but you have lost control over the craving.

Decision taking ability is based on pain/ pleasure theory

Almost 95% of our decisions are derived from pain and pleasure theory. We either accept or reject, this is the core of any decision. The success lies in neutralizing both pain and pleasure. NLP has been instrumental in maintaining the cordial balance and aligning the electron, proton and neutron in the body.

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How to Get Rich – Attract Money Tips Using the Subconscious Mind

Sometimes I believe what is the purpose of life? Sorry, no spiritual drama or attaining salvation. Ultimate goal is happiness, peace and prosperity. If you are detached person and believe in the principle of simple living and high thinking, the blog is not drafted for you.

If you want to enjoy happiness through matter, this blog is specially drafted to unlock the tips to get rich through the subconscious mind. Money is the quintessential tool to live life to the fullest. The problem is people consider money as the goal.

Now the universal question wobbling in every person mind is how to get rich? There is a famous phenomenon “money attracts money”. To attract money, you have to be money, behave like money, and flow like money. Sounds little confusing, you have to change your mind set about money.

You have to feel like a wealthy guy, always thinking various ways to attract wealth in the mind. Here is a reminder, it should be clear why do want to be rich. Once “Why “clear, the mind automatically will pave the way for “What” and “How”. Your actions will manifest money in real life. This is not just a theory, but an experience felt by thousands across the globe.

Is job a stable solution?

Job is a solution, but job is not the most valuable thing in life. It is only a source of earning money making your life purposeful. The money is to find your inner self and attain ultimate happiness.

Train your subconscious mind through inspirational friends

You would notice that there is always a platoon of trustful and inspirational friend behind every successful person. They always push you hard towards your goals and ambitions.


If you are just a mediocre person, look around the environment nearby. If you are stuck in real terrible environment between poor and greedy people, you will never become rich. Aware yourself and choose the balanced environment matching your money magnet.

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NLP: What Goal to Set?

NLP Training includes the successive factor to fix the goal. You need to dwell upon that how to set the goal and get it without any loss of time. For initiating any workflow, there is the need to be an affirmative thought and ideas. It can get either from your past experience or references.  Always be enthusiastic about an outcome, explore the drawback and take ahead for improvement. Learn positively from your wisdom and follies, and realize your goal in the stepwise action. Before targeting your ambition, a powerful feeling is essential and then you need to apply your logic, stepwise and actively. It is no doubt that, interest has a wide range of our feeling and action which can be derived on the basis of the motivational power.

You can get benefited from the NLP Training, to feel and realise the key factors of the power motivation which is realistic to adopt interest. Our interest varies in several aspects from consciousness to unconsciousness on the basis of motivation factor as like

i). Environment:

A positive environment is an inseparable part of interest in creativity. It is fruitful for a successful career, accomplishing any project and increasing your network in your work area.

ii). Affirmative Behavioural Nature:

It can get on the basis of our positive attitude. You should improve it by improving your drawback factors. In fact, your goal setting abides by the acceptable behaviour. So try to avoid addiction for gaining a radical change in your life.

iii). Potentiality of Work:

There is the need of identifying the potentiality of your action in the work area. It depends on your skill and proficiency that how much you can perform better.

Conclusively, you should get preference to NLP for exploring, step by step solutions to fix and hit the target and at least realising a successful life.

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Understanding Bhagavad Gita through NLP

Shreemad Bhagavad Gita is the most sacred and holy book of Hinduism. The quality, which sets Gita apart from other holy scriptures, is the propagation of selfless action without getting attached to consequences.

It lays huge emphasis on renunciation between mind, body and soul and ultimate realisation of the divine. In a nutshell, it teaches us the liberated way to live life. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program) various training programs are immensely inspired from Bhagavad Gita designed to eradicate all the fears and have faith in the divine

The idea is to release all the hurtful and negative feelings, emotions, thoughts and restore peace and solitude in the mind.  So, here we are trying to understand the essence of Geeta through NLP perspective:-

Illusion and action- What is illusion? It is nothing, but wrong or misinterpreted perception of our mental and sensor organs. Therefore, NLP always lays stress on taking decisions and not lucrative decisions. A decision is a decision, results are not in our hands, so there is no reason to take stress and enormous tension.

Concept of enjoying the materialistic world- In our life spans, time changes, but we don’t. We keep living the past for decades and never enjoy the present. NLP promotes the concept of enjoying materialistic world and fulfill all desires, but without getting attached.

There is always the choice- There is a famous quote from the movie Spiderman stating “Whatever comes our way, whatever battle we have raging inside us, we always have a choice”. NLP core concept is to diminish the fear of failure as it sucks all the skills and talent of the person. Failure is first step towards success and there is always a choice in your hand.

Management of emotional states- Both Bhagavad Gita and NLP lays great stress on maintaining cordial balance between different emotional states and using them to your advantage. This method is extremely effective for achieving goal.

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NLP Practitioner’s 4 Beliefs That Create Success

The NLP practitioner’s training is very helpful to do better something you have done before. It is essential either for your personal or professional life because it provides you an opportunity to try for something new at your level best. NLP means to indicate, that your communication skill and body language is encoded in presence of your creative mind and is named as programming. This is so because your core skill is encoded on the basis of your positive thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Let’s take the overview of its 4 successive factors for your wellness in your life as follows.

i) Focus on your goal:

There should be clarity about your target and you need to go on your deeds without any confusion. So a proper guideline is mandatory to do so or achieve your goal. It is very helpful to redirect your efforts in a positive direction and gives the progressive outputs in your career as a leader, a manager, a lawyer and so forth.

ii) Control over your choice:

It is reminiscent that, you should stick to a point while continuing on your career and no need to distract. Since you will be unable to integrate your feelings and ideas, your target will be blurred. Let’s following the good guide, to control your mind, and save your time to escape from the worthless effort.

iii) Evaluate the key factors:

It is essential to explore the key factor of success and its evaluation also because your progressive feedback appears as a milestone while hit the target.

iv) Be creative:

Your creativity is one of the best feedbacks of your dynamic mind. So be always ready to do something new in your work area so as to it can be integrated into your deeds, and at least you will gain your goal.

Conclusively, I wanted to say that a proper step of efforts affirms the chances of being a winner.

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Understand the difference between boss and employee through NLP

Did you ever dream of becoming the boss and run a highly acclaimed firm with a capacity of thousands of employees. Yes, being a boss or a leader has its own perks and numerous advantages. Now, let’s face the reality, you are a employee earning a substantial amount of money in a reputed company, but aspire to lead the team or the entire floor.

The entire office hates the boss, he is cunning, manipulative and even doesn’t credit the salary on time, but still he rules, why? There is something special about him, he is decisive, dominant and hardly cares, what people feel about him. He loves himself. He is a master of human psychology.

Who is boss?

In a nutshell, the layman definition of a leader or boss is a person with a broader vision, decision maker, knows to take the best of his employees, motivator and above all, never get influenced from outside factors.

Who is an employee?

Employee is a person, who follow the all the rules and regulations, guidelines of the office decorum.  He is the one, who tries to make everyone happy, putting his heart out for every task, but end up being the biggest loser. His tasks are defined by higher authorities. His boundaries are already defined and lack decisive powers. I know that’s harsh, but quite true.

Being an employee is good, but earning slavery in exchange of social life and personal satisfaction is a crime. Why do you want to buy stress, anxiety and tension?

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program) clears all the fog clearly showing the boundary lines and teaching you how to stay cool, calm and composed even during the nerve jangling situations.

Release all the trapped thoughts, memories, feelings and make life fun filling and happy.

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How to Fall in Love With Yourself – NLP Training

Human life is like a pocket watch swinging between happiness and sorrows. The problem is we want to experience happiness all the time and skip the pain button, but gain and pain are the two sides of the same coin.

There is always other person responsible for making us feel happy, fun loving or a piece of trash. We have forgotten to love our self. Why do we need someone else to love? Do we consider our self inferior, boring and non loving entity in our own eyes? How dreadful and what a pity? Our personality is governed by others.

Is there any way that we finish our dependency on others and learn to fall in love with the inner beauty? Yes, there is. I will tell five ways to fall in love with yourself through few NLP tricks:-

Date yourself

Usually we date the other gender, try to check out the compatibilities points and spend a quality memorable time, but did you ever date yourself? No, still not. Go to your favorite restaurant, order your favorite food and write a journal stating your interests, hobbies, how do you feel about yourself and dissect various aspects of your personality. Try it, it sounds creepy, but can do wonders.

Go on a solo trip

The best way to love your self is to explore. Do you think, this is you with this limited skill set? You are wrong, this is just a mere image created by the parents and the society. Who are you? Have you every explored your hidden talents, interests and possibilities which you have never thought of. Explore now and look how cool you are.


When there is light, there will be darkness too. Magnet as always have two poles. Learn to accept your weakness. Accept the way you are.

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How to Connect With Supreme Conscious Through NLP

Every person, community and religion has its own projection on God. God is said to be omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. What is it, which is same in every particle of the universe? Any guesses.

It is consciousness, every living entity is same at sub atomic level, but it is consciousness, which define their visualization power, mental strength and innovative visionary powers. Conscious is supreme and can fulfill our every desire if we sync our consciousness with the supreme consciousness. Every living entity is connected through consciousness.

Consciousness is a state of ultimate awareness. Consciousness is beyond physicality, it is even above metaphysical. The concept of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program) has understood the science behind consciousness, studying every nook and corner behind it and presenting in a much more diversified and simple way to the clients.

Consciousness sparks a thought in the mind, thought develop emotion and later emotion is transformed into feelings. Feelings are directly connected to consciousness. What we feel expands, if you feel disheartened and lost the faith, beware, and don’t curse because indirectly you are inviting much more anguish and pain. This is no made up concept, try it yourself, and constantly think about the same person every minute and sooner or later you will meet the other person.

May be on the street or he might call you or like your post on social media platform. Don’t go by words, try it, it happens. NLP training guides you to travel your thoughts and belief along with the consciousness and unearth all the trapped thoughts, stale beliefs and old value system. The only thing permanent in life is change.

There is a famous quote from the book Alchemist “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Newness is the ultimate happiness, change with time.

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NLP- Happiness is Always Round the Corner

Do you sometimes feel lost in the crowd, crowded but alone? A Tsunami of negative thoughts shivering your spine causing stress, anxiety and mental tension, you have lost control over your emotions. Every want, desire and need is denied dispensing endless suffering.

Do you lack success, motivation, quality relationship in life or money challenges in your life? Well, finally I have the panacea to all your problems. A slight shift in your mental paradigm can change the outcome. The trick has worked for thousands and will work for you too.

The traditional medical system will put you on medications and therapies, instead of finding the root cause and behavior pattern of the person. The actual cause to all mental suffering is loneliness. There is a huge difference between loneliness and being alone. Loneliness sucks all our skills, talents and positive vibrant energies leaving us lethargic, a man without a mission.

You become a slave of anger, sadness and numerous phobias setting a benchmark for depression. You always look for a friend outside, who can understand your feelings, sufferings you are going grown and restore the happiness within. If you don’t find the right person, there is very much possibility to fall in the trap of alcohol and drugs.

Anyway, what is the solution? The answer is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program). In a layman language, it is a brief understanding about the language of the mind. If you understand the language of the mind and ask them the right question, the decade old paradox can be released in minutes.

I have attended various sessions of NLP training and learned to reframe my beliefs, behaviour pattern, habit, and control over emotions. Once your instincts are modified, outcome will be change to your favour. Try NLP and change your life.

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Developing interpersonal skills through NLP training

Interpersonal skill is a caboodle of soft skills, life skills, communication skills and a key to open the realm of unimaginable success. You can easily impress others at the first meeting, won’t have to struggle to create engaging conversations, develop magnetic aura around you and remain cool as cucumber during crunch and tricky situations.

How does NLP training help in developing interpersonal skills?

NLP training primarily focuses on breaking all the blockages inside the mind and makes it more flexible. Once the mind is flexible, it will reflect on your body language, behavior pattern and speaking style.

Advantages of interpersonal skills:-

  • Overcome all fears, phobias and negative beliefs
  • Develop stronger bonds and quality relationships
  • Develop engaging content to meet more people
  • Steep rise in your career graph
  • Have more fun and compassion in life

Enhance your confidence and listening skills through NLP training

Being comfortable at talking to various kind of people doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Some are born with inherited skills, while some have to really work to sharpen those skills.

In a conversation, if the first is talking, then other person has to be a good listener. NLP training helps you in developing listening skills. People love to talk about themselves, therefore, it is important to prompt right questions and listen to them attentively.

Letting other person speak develops mutual faith and trust. It is also a sign of sheer confidence. Confidence attracts other people and extremely in turning awkward situation to your favor.

Interpersonal skill is equally important in your personal as well as professional life. You will insert much more valuable thoughts before expressing it to others. With experience you will gather some real tricks of the trade to please other person and convince.

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How NLP Training Illuminated Me to Heal The Body Through Love

Once Steve Jobs said “You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

Life is connecting all the dots. We all are born with some inherited skill set, talents and interests. Have you ever thought why God has blessed you these traits? It is evident that almighty has some wonderful master plan for your life. The inherited nature you are born with is nothing, but an installed DNA based operating system.

Now with the flow of time, your interest weighs below par to monetary terms and you are forced to mould your interests and fit into society norms. This change develops resistance in mind and the body causing anxiety, depression and unrecognized stress.

You life would be governed by other people and importance no less than a puppet. Do you want to live that kind of suppressed life? If yes, this blog is not scripted for you. If you are interested, this blog is can help you in rediscovering your trapped talents and heal mind, body and soul through love.

The concept of NLP was introduced to liberate human from all worries, stress and old stale thoughts creating expectations and greed. Once you are free, anything and everything is achievable. NLP training has harnessed clients from all across the world, reconditioned their mind and made their life much more productive and happy.

NLP training act as torch bearer, showing you your core strengths and motivating to go within self instead of being a puppet. It encourages following your passion and fulfilling all the deep hidden desires. You are unique and there is no reason to chase other person dreams. Be your own hero.

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NLP Tricks to Convince Your Brain What You Want

Have you ever felt that mind is totally getting out of control and is already sitting on driving seat? It has convinced you to follow all those interest and temptations, totally against your interest.

The basic nature of the brain is to confuse and halt the goal in the first step. Brain always seeks for short term rewards by forming illusion, day dreaming and mysticism. It convince you to do it easy way, the interesting fact is that subconscious brain doesn’t understand the difference between illusion and reality. For instance, you see yourself running in a dream and suddenly wake up. Your heart beat will be running fast as if you were running in real time.

It is every much possible, you can train your brain with NLP training and achieve whatever you want.

Replace tempting habits with reward habits

Brain always craves for those thoughts and actions, which can earn them extra brownie points. For example, you are addicted to chatting and willing to quit, but nothing is working out. Reward your brain with following new habits, like spending time on other hobbies like music and gym. Once the dose of reward will enhance, tempting habits will lose its path.

Break the pattern and wipe all the junk

Your mind is filled with unlimited junk thoughts and feelings, you feel like cleaning it, but ends up adding new thoughts in the itinerary. Our mind is automatically trained that whatever you touch, the brain tries to possess it as maybe someday you might need it.  Reprogram your mind, think what if everything is lost, what will be your next action. Brain will create resistance, but attach yourself with the thought “What if everything is lost”.

Feed new information regularly

Feed your brain with new information regularly. Meet new people and hangout with them, visit new places and ensure that you learn new skills with time.

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What is NLP Training?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is a brief understanding and learning the language of the mind.

Can you communicate with other person in absence of common language? Extremely difficult, although body language can act as a helping catalyst, but not in the longer run. Now there are two options, either you learn the language as a mode of communication or prepare yourself for endless frustration.

This same kind of relationship is shared between the conscious mind and unconscious mind.  Conscious mind is responsible for setting new goals. For instance, you goal is to earn more money, find quality relationship, live health life and spend leisure time with friends and family.

But, there is a north pole to South Pole difference between goal setting and achieving the goals. Unconscious mind is that section, which manifests all your goals in real life. Our dreams never manifest because we don’t know how to establish a communication interface between conscious and unconscious mind.

Every person is addicted to some habit or other and is constantly trying to quit. For instance, smoking is the core of all your miseries and you have decided to quit the habit by the end of this year. The extension of our conscious mind is eyes. The conscious mind will transfer the goal “quit smoking” to unconscious mind.

The next step is, unconscious mind will understand the basic traits of your personality will combine various permutations and combinations and find out the best solution suitable for you. NLP training is about mastering the art of instructing different commands to the mind and manifesting them in material world. It is like a full fledged user manual to operate brain and its functionalities.

At wisdom tree solutions, we have amalgamated all the theories and concepts to get control of your feelings, emotions and mind.

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Quit Fear, Follow the Simple NLP training

As a child we are completely unaware about any kind of fear and live a life of complete freedom and liberation.  With time, we are taught the concept of fear, the fear to lose every belonging we love. Our mind is constantly trained by society to associate hard work with failure. Fear releases a hormone inside our pituitary gland called Cortisol.

When we feel the waves of fear, the mind turns on the fight or flight mode to escape or fight to avoid the threat. The other way to describe is, it shuts down the awareness, intelligence and decision making ability. Fear makes us emotionally insecure, compromises on self esteem and severely affects our nervous system.

So many afflicts and disadvantages, still we are addicted to fear clearly indicating the statutory warning “It is injurious to health”. Do you want to quit fear, but lack determination and mental strength?

Well, you don’t need either of these, all you need is visualization. Well, you can get rid of any kind of fear by applying this simple technique.

Step 1-   Imagine something you are afraid of. Project the image in your mind as if you are seeing it in real. The mind doesn’t know the difference between the illusion and reality. Automatically your feelings will sync with the image.

Step 2- Enlarge the image in your mind

Step 3- Even bigger

Step 4- Even larger as big as the room

Step 5- Even bigger, as big as the building in front of you

Step 6- As big as the entire country

Step7- Even bigger than Multiverse

Now, here is a trick, whenever any thought or image intensifies to its maximum, the mind is automatically programmed to change the emotion. The image will either sound funny, or ridiculous and your fear will be completely whitewashed.