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Mind Power and How to Apply it to Reality Creation

The mind power is the superb resources, either of our positive or negative energy. Generally, a mind is used approx 3% out of the DNA instruction and remaining is addressed as a junk due to unconsciousness of mind.

Actually, there are 3 states of our mind power as like unconscious, subconscious and conscious states respectively. It is said that we can increase the presence of mind with the painstaking effort, which matters on the subconscious states of our mind. As we know that unconsciousness states are those states of mind, where we are not aware of stimuli. So there is the need to release our mind from the state. Our affirmation should be positive towards any stimulus and when we do so, we are capable of overriding this state as a sub consciousness.

Transforming Imagination into Powerful feeling and Reality:

In fact, sub consciousness is the states of our mind where lots of our unconscious decision and impressions are found in pending form. It contains our positive and negative energy in mixed form. In other words we may say that, our thoughts and ideas are turbulent in this state but not in streamline. The climax of the state is known as incubation, where our mind is neutral for affirmation. Incubation is the platform of awakening, creativity, logical thinking and so forth. So we should emphasise on the state to welcome novelty in our life.

Positive Mood:

Our positive mood plays an important role to apply the energy of our brain. It prompts the command for the reality creation, instead of following the existing one and at least we are entering into the consciousness of our mind. It is said that there is the lack of logicality in the imagination, while on the other hand reality subsists on logical thoughts and the positive action.

For expecting the productive outcome, realise the powerful feeling. This is so because it matters to us that how we are using our positive energy to converting our imagination into reality. Indeed the potentiality of creativity derives logical thoughts and powerful feeling in our imaginative mind to take steps in our life.

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Success is an Altered State

What is success? Success is a state of mind, when you feel accomplished after hard fought battle to fulfill the desired goals. It is within us and doesn’t reside in materialistic entities. Everyone has its own perception on success. You might be successful in your close circle, but other colleague platoon nearby consider your achievements as bogus.

So it varies person to person. Have you ever noticed that during dreams we do impossible tasks, touch unexplored level of creativity and the interesting fact is that we never fail while during dreaming. Later when we wake up, the reality is complete vice versa.

We witness harsh life, nerve jangling situations beyond expectations and uncontrollable. We find our self getting grilled in cut throat competition and crave for success. So many efforts, but still success is denied.  It is crystal clear that success doesn’t lie in awaken state, it is an altered state. If you ask a successful golf player that how did he survive in such competition and always emerge as victorious with flying colors.

He would say that he lives in altered state. A Runner will always that he runs as if he is trapped in tunnel and is running for his life. He doesn’t look at his competitors and follow his gut feeling. A golf player will not play his shot unless the hole widens giving a clear indication for the birdie.

So if you want success to stay with you during lifetime. Don’t find it outside, tilt your eyes inside you and form and imagine a stance, where you are doing impossible tasks without any restrictions and complete liberation. Hypnotism has provided unlimited wisdom and freedom to people across the world.

Hypnosis and time based techniques is extremely helpful in releasing all the hurtful memories and emotions taking your brain into vacuum state. Hypnosis training is actually a trance state, where practitioner asks you to imagine various situations and resolve the real time issue in course of imagination. The biggest truth is life is that the entire material world is a manifestation of mind power.

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The Secret of Mind Power to Attract Wealth, Success and Confidence

Human mind has limitations. Our eyesight is not as sharp as Eagle nor can run as fast as Tiger, physical strength is shame compared to an elephant, but we still rule this planet. We are the only mammals who can customize the nature according to our comfort. The world is a manifestation of human desires.

Various researches and theories have proved that mind is limitless, beyond nay realm, stratosphere and universe and has the capacity to attract any material from the universe.  Paulo Coelho in his best seller The Alchemist wrote “When you want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”.

If the above mentioned fact is true, then why don’t we enjoy unlimited success, fame, money and status we dream of? NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program) can enable the mind power to attract wealth, success and money.


Surrender is the answer to all misery and ultimate knowledge. Flexibility and adaptability in different situations activates our new DNA strands, fear of failure and emotional security diminishes and our body is aligned to achieve the impossible.

The benefits of NLP training are:-

  • Balances the emotional states
  • Deplete the unnecessary fears and phobias created due to bad memories
  • Changing the old habits, behavior pattern and designed response
  • Increase your sensory alertness
  • Developing decision making power
  • Master of verbal and non verbal communication
  • Building quality relationships

Once the mind is secured from the all bugs, viruses and spam, the hidden power activates and mind perform at its maximum potential.  There must be a reason behind any goal. A burning desire keeps you going way beyond the limits. You need to find “why”. Why do you want success, money and fame? Give yourself a reason to dream and dreams will transform into reality.

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Right Commands to success

Human is a success driven entity on this planet. We have desires, passion, lust and goals to give meaning to our lives. Our very act is motivated by these four factors, we want to fulfill all the desires. The taste of success drives us to work harder towards our goal endlessly. It is the origin of our consciousness.

Why do rich become richer and poor is even denied bread and butter. One guy sets new milestones, while the other combats the battle of survival. Even the highly educated, skilled and immensely talented people work under a below average boss? Sorry to say, but we are programmed to become a slave and not the master.

Our belief system and words doesn’t sync to manifest the success in the real world. If you closely decode the psychology success = fear of failure. When we crave for success, we unknowingly command our mind and body to shield from fear of failure. It is a vice versa situation. We want to win because we don’t want to lose. Almost 99% of the world runs on same integrated architecture and keep emitting negative vibrations.

The mantra of success is achieving the neutral state. Our mind is like a central processing unit, which process the thought through three stages




If any part misses, you will make outstanding plans, work endlessly and might have the best team, but will fail because the nexus is broken. If we closely look at hugely successful personalities, they enjoy the process, steps, leaps and frogs of the domain instead of success. For them success is a state of mind instead of money, fame and power. Happiness attracts more happiness. Your magnetic field attracts the thought, person and situations on the same frequency and wave length.

This is the only reason why our teachers and elders strive to lay huge emphasis on excellence rather than success. When you follow your passion, you enjoy every nook and corner of the process and master the art.

Raise your consciousness, sync your heart with the brain and enjoy free flowing success. Release all the unfulfilled desires and trapped thoughts from your hard disc. They are the malware and viruses affecting your brain capacity and performance.

To sync your heart with the brain you need to change your behavior pattern, thinking style, decision making ability, which requires a lot of NLP helping you in decoding your endless human potential and wisdom.