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Why the best leaders hack their leadership style?

The leading capacity subsists on the interpersonal skill, which works as like a key to achieve the goal. The personality of leadership includes a unique level of communication as like sharing of ideas, quick decision-making capability and so forth. A leader should be a good speaker as long as a good audience because silence is the key to the best speaking.

On the other hand, it is said that action is louder than voice, so in addition to the quick decision making there must have to hack the style of action to short out the corresponding problems and guts to accept the challenges at any rate. So to hack a leadership style, it is better to do something instead of giving direction only. This is so because due to lack of action your thoughts feeling or sharing of ideas is meaningless among the masses. So there is the need to emphasis on the extrovert behaviour to hack the meaningful communication. As a leader, your thoughts of vision should be crystal- clear instead of any confusion. You should avoid the inferiority complex about the estimation of any situation and never try to underestimate yourself. Hence, the key factors to hack your leadership style should be as follows.

i) You can be creative as like a writer in thinking and make decision but it should be avoidance of reference while implementing your ideas. So never try to follow other and it will be very helpful to escape from the activity of the cut, copy and paste.

ii) There should be mutual understanding to collaborate with the team member. It will develop the power of delivering your thoughts, feeling, and ideas to act for the team. It is very helpful to continue the workflow but it should not be exceeded since the exigencies of it behave as a resistance in the flow of current and finally it may be the derogation of the creativity.

iii) On the other hand, a leader should be stick to the power of motivation to get the productive outcome among the team members. Since motivation power flashes the uniqueness of interpersonal and managing skill, it will guide you to prepare for the strategic planning to integrate your workflow and achieve the goals.

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Top 3 Secrets to develop leadership skills

It is almost next to impossible to become an influential leader without being an engaging and effective speaker. There is a north to South Pole difference between a speaker and talker. Talker implies a conversation without any intent and uses the magic of words for fun, enjoyment and leisure. They are called gossipers.

Every word expelled from the speaker’s mouth has some intention behind, motivational power, engaging people with deep external awareness and empowering them. Yes, the definition sounds little confusing, but we will connect all the dots during the journey.

A leader always understands the psychology to reach and touch the grass root of every problem and resolve it step by step. In today’s world, every person has an idea, vision, but only few people can express them with liberation, engagement and aspiration.

So, how to influence people and portray the desired image you want? Here are top secrets to become influential and engaging leader in no time:-

Play the personal chord

Stop using formal communication with the employees, workers and people nearby you.  You must have a personal dialogue with everyone at certain level to develop rapport and cool camaraderie. Compelling communication develops quality relationships allowing you to understand other person mental makeup and psyche.

Be specific instead of scattered

Your communication must be specific and topic oriented. There must be clarity in your thoughts as it makes the conversation engaging and result oriented. There are enormous chances that you might hit the highlighted points of your agenda. Use of soft skills will surely act as a catalyst in the process.

Be a listener

Patience is a rare gift as 90% suffers from the deficiency of patience and resilience. Be an active listener and let the other person speaks his heart out and express his feelings. Listening is a mystic art for effective communication.

So these are the top three secrets decoded to enhance communication and leadership training development skills.

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The Loop Hole in Leadership Development

According to a recent survey, major corporate companies in various sectors invest in identifying higher potential employees, who in future could become emerging leaders, which is a delightful sight. Now, here is an astonishing fact, another survey suggest that around 25% senior official consider the program as a blockbuster and the graph later declines, when the stake and risk increases. The primary reason is lack of self belief in the attitude of the employees and lesser intent to nurture the tapped talent.

Almost 40% of the managers, CEO, CFO’s are hired from outside almost closing all the doors for the internal employees. Why is that so? Why the management doesn’t show utmost faith and trust in employees within the system. The reason is yet unknown, but understanding the behavior of the employees, it is not hard to figure out.

Almost 70% of the employees feel disconnected with their job and seek for opportunity outside. They find their job mechanical, cold and without a vision and a salary much below expectation. They get bored and look for a change, every employee on the first day of the joining thinks about bringing a revolutionary change in the company through its monumental approach, but slowly the fire diminishes. There is something wrong.

Has the organization yet not found a unique and robust way to develop their employees into leaders? Well, they are doing their part, the problem is in your intent. Now, here is your solution. NLP leadership development training program is your panacea.

Now a day’s leadership development training is at its peak to enhance the productivity of every employee. Leadership is required from sub junior to higher authorities forming a robust nexus. Leadership training works on all levels, from the individual basis to team. It has reenergized million of employees across the world and changed their world by 180 degree. Be your own leader and change the world around.

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What does it Mean to have Leadership Skills?

It means huge, massive and flexible at the right time. Leaders are like charged magnet capable of attracting all the iron around. Leaders are self sustained entities with a vision and decision making ability. Their skills and success relies on solid foundation.

It is a fact that 1% billionaires across the world controls the 95% money flow on the planet. These 1% people are market leaders and control the world economics. This is a rough diagram covering only one aspect on leadership and you are already feeling larger than life.

In a layman language, leader is the one, who has a solution to every problem and fix them with immediate effect. Before we enter the room of a leader, let’s analyze our life and why are you reading this blog. You wake up in the morning, freshen up yourself and leave for office.

You are been appointed at a specified and designation and given various tasks based on your skill set. You perform those tasks during the entire day and end the day completely exhausted cursing your job. You have no agenda.

There is someone else, who strategize all the policies forwarding the task to the employees to follow. So, do you have a control on your life? Do you take your own decisions? Well no and this is the reason, why you are reading this blog, to have all the solutions to your problem.

We all are blessed with leadership traits, but these skills remain unrecognized during the entire lifetime because we don’t want to realize it. Being a leader is more than simple, realize why are you living this kind of life and what type of life you wanted to live. Find the reason.

Start taking your own decisions, be innovative and above all never fear from failures. It is a first step to success.

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Importance of NLP & Leadership Training

In the last decade with the increase in job responsibilities, hectic schedule and unsatisfactory salary packages and incentives have left the employee with frustration, stress, low self esteem and soaring anxiety.

A normal perception is that corporate sectors and other multinational companies are profit generating firm and has zero interest in employee empowerment, growth and personal ambitions. Jokingly they are the uncrowned slaves with paid wages.

Now, a simple problem has transformed in a terrible havoc directly affecting the growth rate and profit margin of the companies. Once a philosopher said “If you are seeking out for big opportunity, seek out for bigger problem”

The slump has propelled the corporate sector to understand the emotional and psychological needs of the employees and resolve the concerns to boost their productivity and mental health. This brought a shift in paradigm in the companies and has given rise leadership training Mumbai.

What is leadership training?

Leadership training is about making the other person realize its true potential, core strengths and weakness and empowering those skills to enhance their productivity in the office. The training program is about enhancing the self awareness program and guiding the candidate to develop new critical skills for higher esteem, recognition and higher productivity.

During the training program, it explains how you view yourself internally, finding the paradoxes creating conflicts and releasing all the hidden trapped desires, negative emotions from the sub conscious mind leaving the mind blank.

Once the mind reaches the alpha state, the trainer dispenses motivation and assigns new tasks and goals and encapsulates the feeling of team work.  And at last it lays huge emphasis on meditation techniques to relax the candidate, optimize the concentration power and good, sound quality sleep to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

In a nutshell, it primarily amplify your belief, behavior pattern, hidden capabilities and prowess and help you in being the difference thus creating difference.

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The Language of Leadership

What is leadership? It is an art to influence other people through challenging actions, engaging communication, ability to build quality relationship with others and stand toe to toe during good and bad times.

We all are leaders, but during different phases. Whenever we influence our friend, relative, co-worker or better half, we are their leader at that moment of time. Leading is about leaving torch bearing trails for the people to follow. Now the actual situation is that people around us don’t want our leadership.

If you are assigned an authoritative post in the office, then they might follow your instruction during office timings within the premises, but outside office the scenario is complete vice versa. Why are you not able to build that connection with people around them and express your emotions, ideas and correlating behavior?

So this blog is about how to influence others with innovative and bold ideas, if they are hardly interested in hearing your idea as a leader training. Once a great philosopher said” Communication is a currency to buy leadership skills”. An effective communication can work for short term in achieving short term goal, but can’t be instrumental in long term goals. Short term goals are like personal transaction between you and your employees.

You need to get out of the bubble and take your relationship beyond personal transaction. The difference between the boss and the leader is that boss gives instructions, while an everlasting leader inspires their colleague internally and outside office premises.

The leader form personal rapport with the employees and is always ready to stand by them. This activity diminishes the fear of insecurity and the employees become loyal. They are ready to run that extra mile for you because their mind is conditioned with the fact that you are always there to protect them.

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How can Neuro Linguistic Programming Help with Leadership and Development?

Why are a bunch of leaders handling the entire human population on Earth. They are not highly educated, well built, but still dominate the complete economics. What is that spell bound X factor?

We as humans believe that some divine energy is taking care of all our needs. When the feeling of pain and anguish reaches the extreme, the messiah is send as a messenger to restore peace and harmony. Leaders are the modern version of messenger.

Nothing mythological, just for the factual reason. These entities have vision not stress, invest time in solutions not problems, believe in team work rather than individual goals, an influential communicator and believes in bursting the feelings out.

So put an end to the sufferings and enter in the shoes of Leader. You need a teacher. No matter how many blogs you read on leadership skills, i won’t help. You need a person, who completely wipe out negative behavior pattern, old habits and belief system and upgrade your mind.

We call him NLP practitioner. Join the Visionary leadership training program and learn to take control of your life. Human psychology is still not the most touched subject. NLP unfolds the advanced language pattern and psychological techniques to reframe our thoughts, belief and behavior.

Words are th only medium to express the emotions and feelings. So communication is a internal process. NLP detoxify the thoughts and once there is a shift in paradigm You will notice, a positive aura around you. A motivated, expressive and visionary person is bound to be an influential speaker.

During the training program we have figured that most of the entepreneur, managers and emerging business leaders lack self belief and doubt their decision despite proper planning and skilled employees. We teach them how to deal with inner conflicts and deal with emotions creating a win win situation between the leader and the employees.

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NLP and How It can be Applied to Leadership Development

Freedom is the ultimate rejoice in this planet of gravity. The freedom to act, express and think is priceless, making it the ultimate goal for the success hungry individuals. Slavery is free, but one has to pay heavy amount to buy his share of freedom. Only a leader has a liberty to customize the system around and define new norms and guidelines for others.

The education system around us is designed to dispense exposure and feed knowledge in the student mind cooking him for the final product called “Leader “. In a cut throat competition, sometimes our confidence and morale takes a heavy battering questioning the potential and self belief. Success has many fathers, but failure is orphan. Sometimes only a ray of hope can swallow the entire darkness and illuminate the room with positivity and innovative ideas.

Now days most the students and employees fall into the prey of depression, anxiety and stress and lose their way. If you fall under the same bracket, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program) is ambrosia, which can put an end to all the sufferings. Join the visionary leadership training program and give your life a whirlwind three sixty degree turn around.

The training program will unveil all the top secret formula of being the mass magnet and managerial skills required to become a successful leader. The program is entirely based on breaking the shackles of behavior pattern, old habits, past traumatic experiences and belief system replacing with the new one.

  • The leadership training program will enable the candidate to:-
  • Develop the soft skills to communicate with various kinds of people
  • In depth solution approach to encourage performance growth
  • Decision making ability to take necessary decisions on the crunch situations
  • Ability to motivate the team members during the debacle and bad times
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How to Invoke Leadership Hormones Through NLP Leadership Training

The biggest curse in this world is slavery. Life is a synonym of struggle, only a leader wins the struggle and invades new territories of success, while slaves along with him are nothing, but a pawn in this entire episode. They spend their entire life, talent and energy on achieving some others dream.

The result is frustration, lack of self esteem, goal less life and never ending misery. They ask me to reshuffle their life and bring a 360 degree turn around in the life. So this blog unfurls the secret to put a halt to slavery and amplify the leadership syndrome hidden.

Our NLP leadership training India program customizes the mind settings and invokes the leadership hormones waiting to explode. We all have a leader within us. The major hormones responsible related to leadership are:-

Oxytocin-  Oxytocin hormone is a sure shot remedy for  depression. This hormone is responsible for building trust and social relationships. It is often called love hormone and helpful in handling stress.

Dopamine- It is a reward hormone. The hormone propels us to set new goals and work harder towards achieving them. Dopamine develops courage and enables us to take more risks. Gambling addiction is a perfect example for excessive dopamine secretion.

Serotonin- It is often called the confidence hormone, the fuel responsible for taking on new challenges, meeting deadlines and building an unmatched legacy of success. Remember, only a confident person can entrust another person with sublime confidence.

Our Leadership training program understands the human psychology and follows the methodology and tricks to invoke these hormones. It helps in identifying the unsung performers and motivators in the team and implant heavy dose of motivation.

The program is a tailor made for:-

  • Supervisors, managers, CEO and CFO’s
  • HR professionals
  • Emerging market leaders
  • Skillful employees
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What is the difference between a leader and a follower?

There are two types of persons in the world. Firstly, the ones who swim against the social norm and establish their own dynasty. The second ones are insecure people incapable of taking bold decisions with the risk element involved. They are happy being a follower and earn their bread and butter.

“Leader” is not a word of modern textbooks, but has enlived in the human society by different names in different eras, but with the same substance. Being a history books narcissist, I read about the various wars and came up with an interesting conclusion. War is not a battle between two armies, but among two leaders. Once the leader is knocked out, the army surrenders.

Needless to say we all understand the importance of leadership skills. Leaders live a regal life, their style statement is a country anthem. A Leader has a third vision of wisdom called common sense. So if you are still reading this write up, the desire of becoming a leader must be popping within the mind.

Yes, you can. Leaders are made and not born in the world of matter. We at wisdom Tree Solutions provides a comprehensive, full featured visionary leadership training program  to our clients, enabling them in developing all the ingredients required to become a successful leader. The program curriculum includes:-

  • Progressive goal setting
  • Identifying the untapped talent in the team
  • Developing soft and interactive communication skill
  • Decision making ability irrespective of any unwanted situation
  • Inherit various qualities from employees

A leader always leads by example. Supervisors, managers, CEO, CFO and HR are the modern day leaders in the corporate world.Mark my words Leader is not a status, post or designation, but is a state of mind.

Emotion is energy into motion. A leader is always in charge of his emotions and knows when to snooze and trigger different emotions. Remember a follower has a limited territory to blossom, while the leader decodes unlimited human potential and glorifies his success to different realms of the universe. NLP leadership training can help you in realizing your inner self and crafting a new future.