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Recruit your subconscious to fulfill all the dreams

I have been a loyal admirer and fan of Arabian nights and always wondered, do genies really exist or is just a figment of the writer’s imagination. Will I also get the Aladeen lamp? Can I fulfill everything desired?

The answer is yes. Of course, you can achieve anything. We are the only species doing miracles every day. We built mansions, invented computers, discovered cloning and sooner or later will invent time machine. We can manifest anything. This blog is about understanding the art to manifest anything and free our self from all the desires.

It is the subconscious mind capable of opening star gates and achieves anything desired.

What is subconscious mind?

Subconscious mind is your operating system. Extremely powerful, beyond logic and operates on emotions and feelings. Your own genie, train him and he will take care of all the ambitions.

How to train your subconscious mind to work for you

It is necessary to understand how your subconscious mind works:-


We are what we think and our thoughts are majorly influenced by the parents, friends and the society. Thoughts transform into actions we repeatedly do. Repetition is the key. This the actual reason behind the phrase “Practice makes the man perfect”.

Do you drive the car? No it is your subconscious mind also called autopilot


The biggest quality of every successful person living is the power of visualization. They are the living legends. They imagine themselves creating history or doing something out of the box. Without any external force, your body will respond, heart rate will increase. The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between the imagination and the reality.


Subconscious mind is a pond of emotions. Emotion = energy into motion. When you are in any kind of emotional intelligence state, every thought or suggestion is quickly accepted by the subconscious mind.




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Where there is a will, there is a way

In you want to be successful and leave footprints for the world to follow, you got to believe in you and your abilities. Self belief is orphan without confidence, which is the deciding factor of your success and failure. No matter how talented you are, but if you don’t back your abilities, the road to success will be much more difficult to walk.

Success is not a straight line, where you can easily walk or run, but a zigzag line, full of leap and frogs. Belief develops resilience and sustaining ability to cope under all circumstances. No matter what happens outside, no external juggernaut can jolt you even by an inch.

We are inherited with some qualities, not necessarily in society defined successful fields, but something you are deeply passionate about and ready to bear all the pain. All you need is to illuminate your mind and find your hidden passion, you are just unaware about it.

You need to enlighten the emotional intelligence residing in hibernate mode. Remember when there is a will, there is a way. Here is another aspect, what if you don’t realize your talent? It is a guarantee, some other person will identify the talent and use all your skills to his benefit.

When emotional intelligence is awakened, some hidden energy deep inside always keep you going even in the hardest or impossible situations. It strengthens your will power and perception towards life. Will power dispenses the ability to focus for longer time, avoid from self doubt and keeps you calm under strenuous conditions.

Fear of failure is diminished, when self belief enters. Failure becomes another stepping stone towards success. Self hypnosis has also been instrumental in activating your subconscious mind and releasing all the trapped emotions.

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How to become emotionally independent

Humans are social animal, a much advance race than their contemporaries. Other species only relies on food, sex and shelter, but humans have a pond of various emotions inside them, which makes them unique and master of this planet.

Emotions can literally charge or discharge human body energy levels. Logical brain is manipulative, it can analyze and reason out different situations and is almost a guarantee for success, but without emotions it is like mango without taste.

The problem with emotions is, they always fly on auto pilot mode and over a period of time understand the behavior pattern and tends to control them. For instance, your boss scolds you for some wrong calling you nerd, without reaching any conclusion you explode with anger and cross justify him.

It can be a temporary relief, but can lead to hazardous problems in your professional life. Life is filled with numerous examples and end result is you being the slave of your emotions. Being emotionally independent is the key.

To be emotionally independent, you need to possess a substantial amount of emotional intelligence within you to manage the emotions and feelings. Now here are few ways to identify different emotions and use them to your benefit:-

Emotion identification

You can easily identify the pre signs and symptoms of any emotion through the behavior pattern and body language. Immediately ask yourself the pros and cons and how this emotional energy is going to affect you. Whenever you feel overflow of emotions ask these questions:-

How are you feeling?

How are your sensory organs acting?

What my mind is telling me to do?

Am I in right frame of mind to take decisions?

Managing emotions

Identifying the emotions makes it extremely easy for us to manage them according to different situations. Once you start understanding the emotions, you can take immediate actions to nullify the emotion by influencing it through outside factors such as good music, concentrating on some good memories, etc.

Through high emotional intelligence you can avoid any serious problem leading towards the downfall.

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How to change your life through thoughts

There is huge difference between being happy and smiling. Happiness is internal, but smiling could be fake and deceiving. Is your happiness reserved to selfies, Instagram or Facebook. Is this an attempt to become happy and spreading jealousy? Ask this question to yourself.

The truth is that deep inside you are hurt, sad, disgusted and have completely lost your control on emotions. You consider yourself as an epitome of gentleness, uniqueness and a man of class, but doubt your own abilities. Why? May be your social circle finds you unconventional and label you as a boaster, good for nothing. What difference does it make?

I am here to tell you that anything is possible in this materialistic world. Yes, you can transform your life by changing your thoughts and beliefs. Do you know that human body has radio frequency and electromagnetic field around? The body emits feelings in the form of vibrations to the cosmos and it manifests in real life.

So you can choose what to attract. It is like sending the desired signals to the cosmos. It is unofficial and not much celebrated part of emotional intelligence. Like attract like and hate attracts hate.

So, how to change the thought process to attract success, prosperity and happiness? Follow these simple four steps.

The key lies in self realization. Analyze your thoughts, witness are they negative or positive. If negative, make a conscious effort that you will not get into the trap of negativity and walk towards positivity.

Use the statements that realize the self worth and chant the line regularly until it get stored in your subconscious mind. Give your mind worthy and positive food and soon you will witness a positive perception within you.

Don’t rely merely on words. Try it. Repeat your thoughts and it will become reality.

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How Emotional Intelligence Became a Key Leadership Skill

Since the ancient, it is on e leader, who controls actions of millions. Since the evolution, the journey from apes to human, every race had a leader. Leader is a person with high emotional intelligence and decision making ability. You would notice that every animal species wander in a group with leader paving the way.

Emotional intelligence is not a new discovery, but our inherited part of behavior. We as humans are controlled by boss, government and various other artificial bodies. Who are these people, who control our consciousness? They are the one with never say die attitude, never interferes in other person freedom boundaries and are fearless in taking bold steps. As the Nike slogan goes “Just do it”.

Any person with leadership qualities has to have a high degree of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence consists of five stages:-

  • Being aware about your emotions as well as others body language
  • Being empathic and loving
  • Excellent social and soft skills
  • Decision making ability
  • Self regulation

Various researches suggest that emotional intelligence grabs much more weightage than IQ (Intelligent Quotient) in real life and lead to quality relationship, platonic career and progressive social circle. May be a leader is not skillfully gifted like his compatriots, but is more than capable in extracting the dedication, skill, commitment and hunger for success. Yes we have seen numerous examples in the past.

These guys are master at the skill of diplomacy. Being a leader is not that difficult and any milestone can be achieved, once your mind, body and emotions are analyzed and accordingly regulated. A brilliant strategist can maximize the profit to an extent, but a leader cum man manager can take shoot the profit at the roof.

Leadership and emotional intelligence are co related, therefore, it is wise to understand that study of human emotions are way superior to intelligence and strategy.

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How to Change Your Life Through Emotional Intelligence

What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is identifying various emotions boiling within the mind and managing them to adapt to various environments and situations comfortably.

Difference between emotional intelligence and IQ

IQ (Intelligent Quotient) is the natural ability to understand, gather huge amount of information and transform them into skills, good at mathematical skills, scientific research and logical reasoning, superior cognitive abilities.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to analyze and filter one’s and other emotions and is extremely helpful in developing teamwork, quality relationship, leadership, diplomacy and healthy social life.

How to unlock your emotional genius

Various ancient scripture suggest that all the knowledge, intelligence is inside us, but we don’t know the passage to access it. We all are genius, but how to unlock it. Acceptance is the only key to emotional stability and genius. Once you accept who you are and feel good about it that is your break the ice moment. Now you are in present and can handle any situation with distinction.

The story of forest Gump

We all have seen the Hollywood blockbuster Forest Gump at least and were left spellbound by the character “Forest Gump” played by Tom Hanks. He was shown as a passionate person with low IQ level, but still succeeds in every sphere of life. He enjoyed much more happiness, stable career and quality relationship in life compared to other characters. He had a high degree of emotional intelligence. He knew the art to sync his consciousness with the environment and gel to it.

Learn to understand and express your emotions with liberation

Most of the time we speak what other want instead what we feel. We never express our emotions because of others, how and what will they feel? May be it can tarnish my image, etc. There is no such thing as right or wrong, our self belief defines the parameters. If you are expressive and have immense faith in your belief and abilities, others will follow.

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Five Tips to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a brief understanding about your emotions, feelings and thoughts, entities attached with various emotions and invoking them to one’s advantage and will. Failure is a first step towards success, it is the struggling time, when we self realize our mental strength and miracles happen.

Emotional intelligence dispenses immense mental strength and a skill to decode answer for every problem. It ignites the spark of alpha acceptance, no situation or circumstance can leave a long lasting impact on your personality. Let’s understand it with an example to install the concept of emotional intelligence.

During the scorching summers, you can’t control the sun’s temperature or request him to produce less heat, but can cool yourself by turning on the AC in your room. Same sun, but your issue is resolved.

So, if you are keen to boost the emotional intelligence, here are five most valuable tips:-

Work on the social skills

Social skills are directly interconnected to emotional intelligence. Social skills are about expressing yourself and connect with various people near you forming a social circle. It shows that you are empathic, compassionate and care for other people, instead of being selfish. This is a common trait of emotional intelligence training.

Enjoy every second

It is sad that we have stopped loving our self and found love and happiness in other person. Once, other person stop loving us, we get stressed, anxious and jealous. Once the emotional intelligence is evolved, you will learn to be happy with yourself and everything around. Miracles happen with happy people. According to a research, happy people are more productive and hardly suffer from any kind of mental illness.


Motivations run on auto mode for people with rich emotional intelligence. Motivation allows you to visualize the goals and chase them with full effort. Life is not about manipulations, but unlimited freedom.

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An Ultimate Technique to Repair Your Mind Through Emotional Intelligence

We often ponder, do we write our life script or are just another character in the script written by God. The script has bundles of emotional turbulence, anxiety, failures and ray of hope to regain all the lost success and construct a new bridge of love, success and robust help.

We can fix all the hassles, if we understand our human behavior and develop emotional intelligence. What is this emotional intelligence? It is about assessing universal laws of nature, understanding various shrewd aspect of life and analyzing the strengths and weakness, corridor of uncertainty and scope of improvement.

Once we know the trick to repair our past, eradicating all the negative emotions, failures and people acting as catalyst to dent the confidence.  Once the past is repaired, your present will change and a bridge to bright future will be formed. It will re-imprint new memories on your subconscious mind.

So here is an ultimate technique to repair your mind through the emotional intelligence training. Board a memory train to your past, let’s begin from the beginning to find the negative seed and reframe the old memories.  For instance, you were in love, but had a terrible breakup. Reframe the memory, remember the good and loving moments occurred during the relationships and visualize a situation, where you agreed our various terms and parted away gracefully.

It will dispense immense satisfaction and mental peace and will unblock the mental paradox. Slowly and steadily modify all the negative memories and let your mind take over. Develop a self belief, that you are complete and no emotion can impact you.

Emotional intelligence allows you to rewire the mind and customise according to your comfort, value system and self belief. Now begin your journey to the future and mould it to your comfort.

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Changing Your Attitude to Change

The only thing permanent in life is change. It is the biggest challenge faced us always giving goose bumps, but you will notice that handling change positively or negatively depends on our attitude bringing clarity in thoughts, confidence and a sense of direction giving birth to our emotional intelligence.

When we feel stable and relaxed miles away from change, what will happen? Over a period of time, boredom will creep in diminishing your energy levels. The next of boredom is depression because the adventure and excitement of living life has come to an end.

In a state of realization, we understand the importance of change and its significance for our growth. Change is inevitable. The problem with us is that our mind is manually conditioned to seek positive energy unknowingly disturbing the balance of life.

Life is a balance between positive and negative energy. We have to learn to flow the energy instead of attracting any single pole. Choice is always presented to us, whether to go with the rhythmic flow or resist the change trying to mould or bend the situation to your comfort dispensing fear and resentment. May be a negative change may open an unlimited realms of opportunities.

Negative and positive aspects are born from the womb of our perception and nurtured in the cradle of our belief system. All we need to do is reframe our struggles as monumental step towards growth and prosperity. Without pain sorrow, happiness has no importance on this planet. Hardship and painful experiences will knock you down and out of the battle arena and there could be time, when all aspects that could possibly go wrong will go wrongs pinching life thousands of shafts thrashing the seven layers of skin.

Changing attitude with situation is a sign of high degree of emotional intelligence. Explore it, it is one of the precious and rare element of mind. We are the solution.

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Words That Harm, Words That Heal

The first thing we learn during childhood is language. Every word has some meaning, pictorial image attached to it. For instance, I say Lion and your mind will create an image of an animal of full beard with immense power, strength and fierceness.

You mind will be gazed with unlimited fear giving you goose bumps. So it is evident that words have the capacity to change your state of mind. They have the prowess to motivate you during the tough going dispensing belief to fight against all odds. If used negatively, the words that can shatter the confidence during the purple patch too.

Words have the magical power to harm and heal. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program) is a tailor made program based on the interconnection between neurology, language and how we choose the world to reflect our inner conscious and experience a shift in paradigm in our behavior pattern.

A shift in belief takes your body to auto pilot mode and healing starts. It is scientifically proven that our body mechanics are by default programmed to heal. Body wants to heal itself all the time, but our trapped thoughts in the mind create resistance and friction.

Words healing are a part of emotional intelligence. Now, I wouldn’t specify any special list of words capable of transforming the entire life, but will lay my complete focus on making you understand the significance of words. Emotional intelligence means the awareness about brief understanding about the emotions invoked in different situations and using it your favor.

Human is the only specie among all species to use emotion as tool of progress and evolvement. If you feel emotionally unstable and finding hard to cope with daily routine stuff. Emotional intelligence training program is specifically designed for you to eradicate all trapped thoughts, emotions and feelings and unlock your hidden potential.

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How to Resonate for Inspiration

Inspiration is being mentally inclined to do something creative and extraordinary out of ordinary situations. It is an ultimate magnet to attract the success from the universe. Inspiration is the only difference between an average person and a highly successful person.

The cerebral cortex or the cerebrum is the main region of brain responsible for inspiration, intuition and immense creativity. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program) is an undefined branch of science primarily designed to understand functionalities of different parts of brain and lead human life towards peace, prosperity and progress.

So, today we will discuss how to resonate for inspiration by invoking emotional intelligence, but before how comes into play, you got to understand why? Inspiration is helpful in secreting endorphins in the body responsible for high pain bearing capacity in return of reward. It is a reward hormone.

Although NLP practitioners are expert at dealing with unfulfilled desires and painful memories and brings out the objects, which have always inspired you throughout your life?  Once a legend said, whenever you are going to take any big initiative or life changing action. Always give importance to the inner voice.

Drifting away from metaphor, it signifies giving importance to the unconscious brain. Unconscious maintains an equilibrium state between the emotions and logic binding them together forming inspiration. Always go by your gut feeling without getting trapped in duality. It is a clear indication of enhanced emotional intelligence and using it your benefit.

Inspiration is the essence of life and what better the life could be, if you understand the functioning on mind and using it in your favor. Once you are nervous, the amygdale, fear portion of brain turns on shutting the complete immunity.

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Balance your Flooded Emotions Through NLP Emotional Intelligence Program

Are you over emotional, face mood swings problem and incapability to focus for long hours? Often your performance in the office is overlooked by your unpredictable volatile behavior. Petty issues and rash humor disturbs you immensely affecting the composure and decision making ability.

It is a matter of lack of emotional intelligence. You might be blessed with strong logic, result oriented perception and sound judgment capability, but would always find understanding own and other people emotions hard, primarily responsible for motivation and exalted performance.

So you have tried almost everything, spend endless on search engines finding various techniques to fix flooded emotions. Well, I am here to tell that you haven’t tried all. NLP emotional intelligence training course is your one stop tool to maintain equilibrium between emotional intelligence and intelligent quotient.

Ways to improve emotional intelligence via NLP

Self awareness- You must be aware about your emotions and feelings occurring at various situations. Maintain a journal and write down your reaction over different situations. Spend some time alone to find out the reason behind your response. It can do wonders.

Self management- It is about being aware about your emotions and channelizing them towards the hidden talent and passion. Remember emotion= energy in motion and energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change its form.

Social awareness- Do you feel other people take undue advantage of you. Play with your emotions and leave you all alone during bad times? It is a clear indication that you lack social awareness. Never let your guard down and assess other person behavior, habits and emotional intelligence before starting some emotional transaction.

Relationship management-

Maintaining a harmonious relationship with a person for a long duration is not everyone’s cup of tea. We should never cross the lines and enter other person personal space and invest only required time in relationships.

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The Secret of Mind Power to Attract Wealth, Success and Confidence

Human mind has limitations. Our eyesight is not as sharp as Eagle nor can run as fast as Tiger, physical strength is shame compared to an elephant, but we still rule this planet. We are the only mammals who can customize the nature according to our comfort. The world is a manifestation of human desires.

Various researches and theories have proved that mind is limitless, beyond nay realm, stratosphere and universe and has the capacity to attract any material from the universe.  Paulo Coelho in his best seller The Alchemist wrote “When you want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”.

If the above mentioned fact is true, then why don’t we enjoy unlimited success, fame, money and status we dream of? NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program) can enable the mind power to attract wealth, success and money.


Surrender is the answer to all misery and ultimate knowledge. Flexibility and adaptability in different situations activates our new DNA strands, fear of failure and emotional security diminishes and our body is aligned to achieve the impossible.

The benefits of NLP training are:-

  • Balances the emotional states
  • Deplete the unnecessary fears and phobias created due to bad memories
  • Changing the old habits, behavior pattern and designed response
  • Increase your sensory alertness
  • Developing decision making power
  • Master of verbal and non verbal communication
  • Building quality relationships

Once the mind is secured from the all bugs, viruses and spam, the hidden power activates and mind perform at its maximum potential.  There must be a reason behind any goal. A burning desire keeps you going way beyond the limits. You need to find “why”. Why do you want success, money and fame? Give yourself a reason to dream and dreams will transform into reality.

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Law of love vs. Law of attraction

What if someone tells you the trick to attract money, fame, success, hot damsels just by chanting their names and dreaming about them all day? You want to own a Ferrari, feel like you already have it, you are driving it with your girlfriend around and thought will manifest in real life.

Even Paulo Coelho said “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” If this is a real universal law, then why still there is malice, corruption, betrayal, failure on this planet. Everyone fantasizes for success, peace and happiness. This clearly indicates Law of attraction is a media boiled hoax and has set the internet on fire for boasting claims.

Various authors wrote books on it, which became the bestseller for weeks. We often get attracted towards occult science or any mysterious art, a big credit goes to fairytales, folklores and various legends. In the sand of time I realized every skill, art has some rules and work flow, and there is a complete process. There is no such concept as law of attraction, but the actual term is law of love.

What is Law of Love

In our life we all are blessed with some specific talent, which makes us unique and special. No one has taught us, we have few inbuilt traits. With time society and media slowly but steadily brainwashed us and told us a new definition of success. They fed us of being unsuccessful until we don’t follow their path. For instance, success lies in money and fame instead of inner peace and happiness. We tend to lose our track and follow the crowd blindly.

Success lies in passion. It is highly driven strong emotion towards the subject. Emotion is energy into motion. You would be keen to explore every time and never worry about the outcome. Every step is fun, everyday is new learning and unknowingly you master the art. You reach the pinnacle of excellence and success is at your feet, but is not even on your priority list.

Always listen to your heart, it never lies and teaches you to spread love all around. Don’t be a citizen, who follows the trails of pied piper. Our NLP training India programs core inner value is teach you to appreciate yourself, love for what you are, erase all the guilt and enjoy the life of wisdom.


How Emotions Work?

Medical research has shown that holding back emotions may be a precursor for many illnesses. Cancer studies have shown that laughter as well as crying heightens the cure rate. Let’s become more aware of how a good belly laugh or a deep cry from our heart makes us feel better. In order to do so we will have to lift some veils of conditioning.

About 12 years ago, I was lucky enough to be part of an intense emotional meditative therapy group that proceeded non-verbally. A large group of over 50 people were guided daily for three hours through the process of laughing without taking a break. This went on for seven days. The following seven days were about crying and the atmosphere of sadness. Again, the whole group spent three hours daily simply wailing. The last seven days led into silent sitting and observing our emotions.

This experience was truly transformative and changed my life. I experienced that my emotional body is something else than I thought it was. I thought an emotion would be linked to something that happens. For example, when something wonderful happens, I might smile or laugh. When something horrible happens, I feel bad or cry. But now I realized this was not so. Our mind always tries to interpret and manifest meaning. The emotional body has its own rhythm and truth independent of the reasons and interpretations of our mind.

Laughter can be present and waiting to happen no matter what I experience. Similarly, no matter whether there may be a reason in my outer life or not, my tears might like to flow. What a tremendous insight! I made contact with a very powerful aspect of my emotional body. Emotions have a dimension within themselves that are not necessarily dependent on circumstances and not necessarily connected to my interpretations! This helped me tremendously to stop judging my feelings and allow any emotion more mindfully.

For example, now when I feel a strong pressure on the place above my heart rather than spending too much time trying to analyze what particularly triggered it, I may go to my girlfriend and ask if I can cry for a few moments. She already knows and understands. Some sweet moments of sobbing happen, maybe accompanied by some words, or maybe not, while she holds my hands. The event ends with a smile as both of us enjoy this release and healing.

This process can also be understood by following the impulses the brain sends to the muscles and glands. When we feel moody or unhappy, what happens in our neuro-physiology is that an impulse is sent from our brain but not translated into action. For example, if I feel angry, adrenaline needs to be released. Moving in a way that releases the adrenaline will create balance and feeling good. But if I don’t release the adrenaline, my emotions are likely to be blocked.

There is a need for endorphins to travel through the body. Laughing and crying are the avenues for this to occur; they are the conscious solutions for our endorphins! Expressing emotions is deeply cleansing and necessary for dealing with compulsive/addictive behaviors, co-dependency and many other destructive or limiting patterns in a respectful and successful way.

Think of some creative ways you can allow and embrace the emotions you may not have been aware of before. How can you express them in new ways? Wouldn’t it be nice to learn how to scream in the car or hit a cushion rather than to eat when feeling angry? Finding many situations daily that call for humor, as a non-sense response, is often the most intelligent answer and approach in many areas of life.

Let’s summarize some steps to consciously and intelligently address any of our emotions:

  • Practice identifying hidden emotional responses.
  • Acknowledge and embrace any up-coming emotion.
  • Take some distance from the emotion and know it is not you, it is not the world, and it is not all
  • Observing your emotions is a powerful tool.
  • Allow acceptance and this healthy distance to guide you in finding creative ways to express and release the emotion in a way that is respectful to yourself and all others involved.
  • Experience your new choice – when to express an emotion and when not to – and enjoy your new, more mature way of practicing emotional intelligence.

Give yourself credit for your courage and the new steps you have taken, and thank yourself.