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Self Motivation Through NLP Emotional Intelligence

There are so many moments in life when we feel disheartened, down and out completely bowed down by our daily struggle and never ending struggle. Mind, body and soul are left in complete isolation. You lack the motivational spine to stand up again and give a deep stare to all the worries with grit in the eyes to dismantle them.

Whenever we are depressed, the common psyche is to discuss the problem with close friends and someone really close to caress you. Irrespective of all the flaws, close ones shows utmost faith in your abilities and motivates you to fight back and come out with flying colors. The weird thing about struggle is that sometimes even the shadow leaves you alone.

The universal truth is we are solely responsible for our actions and must be prepared to take the battering. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program) provides various training programs for self love, motivation and emotional intelligence just to release trapped unlimited potential.

How to self motivate

No matter how utter failure you are. Everyone has some achievements in the kitty. Take a piece of paper and rewind your entire life for a minute and visualize about your achievements. The day when you won first prize in fancy dress competition, appreciation is science fair or your first job. I am leaving you with your achievements. Write down all your achievements on that piece of paper and embrace yourself.

Now this might look weird, but mind is a strange application.

Whenever you accomplish any valuable task, appreciate and gift yourself anything you like the most. Pack the gift as if you are gifting it to your friend. Don’t go by logic, the activity is primarily responsible to secrete oxytocin in the mind. Oxytocin is a hormone of love and affection.

Love yourself and always be proud of your achievements. Consider next day as the luckiest day. Believe in yourself, no matter how tough the day is, you will triumph because it is your luckiest day.

There is no logic behind these tricks, but these tricks leave a lasting impression on our primitive brain.