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Right Commands to success

Human is a success driven entity on this planet. We have desires, passion, lust and goals to give meaning to our lives. Our very act is motivated by these four factors, we want to fulfill all the desires. The taste of success drives us to work harder towards our goal endlessly. It is the origin of our consciousness.

Why do rich become richer and poor is even denied bread and butter. One guy sets new milestones, while the other combats the battle of survival. Even the highly educated, skilled and immensely talented people work under a below average boss? Sorry to say, but we are programmed to become a slave and not the master.

Our belief system and words doesn’t sync to manifest the success in the real world. If you closely decode the psychology success = fear of failure. When we crave for success, we unknowingly command our mind and body to shield from fear of failure. It is a vice versa situation. We want to win because we don’t want to lose. Almost 99% of the world runs on same integrated architecture and keep emitting negative vibrations.

The mantra of success is achieving the neutral state. Our mind is like a central processing unit, which process the thought through three stages




If any part misses, you will make outstanding plans, work endlessly and might have the best team, but will fail because the nexus is broken. If we closely look at hugely successful personalities, they enjoy the process, steps, leaps and frogs of the domain instead of success. For them success is a state of mind instead of money, fame and power. Happiness attracts more happiness. Your magnetic field attracts the thought, person and situations on the same frequency and wave length.

This is the only reason why our teachers and elders strive to lay huge emphasis on excellence rather than success. When you follow your passion, you enjoy every nook and corner of the process and master the art.

Raise your consciousness, sync your heart with the brain and enjoy free flowing success. Release all the unfulfilled desires and trapped thoughts from your hard disc. They are the malware and viruses affecting your brain capacity and performance.

To sync your heart with the brain you need to change your behavior pattern, thinking style, decision making ability, which requires a lot of NLP helping you in decoding your endless human potential and wisdom.

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