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Quit Fear, Follow the Simple NLP training

As a child we are completely unaware about any kind of fear and live a life of complete freedom and liberation.  With time, we are taught the concept of fear, the fear to lose every belonging we love. Our mind is constantly trained by society to associate hard work with failure. Fear releases a hormone inside our pituitary gland called Cortisol.

When we feel the waves of fear, the mind turns on the fight or flight mode to escape or fight to avoid the threat. The other way to describe is, it shuts down the awareness, intelligence and decision making ability. Fear makes us emotionally insecure, compromises on self esteem and severely affects our nervous system.

So many afflicts and disadvantages, still we are addicted to fear clearly indicating the statutory warning “It is injurious to health”. Do you want to quit fear, but lack determination and mental strength?

Well, you don’t need either of these, all you need is visualization. Well, you can get rid of any kind of fear by applying this simple technique.

Step 1-   Imagine something you are afraid of. Project the image in your mind as if you are seeing it in real. The mind doesn’t know the difference between the illusion and reality. Automatically your feelings will sync with the image.

Step 2- Enlarge the image in your mind

Step 3- Even bigger

Step 4- Even larger as big as the room

Step 5- Even bigger, as big as the building in front of you

Step 6- As big as the entire country

Step7- Even bigger than Multiverse

Now, here is a trick, whenever any thought or image intensifies to its maximum, the mind is automatically programmed to change the emotion. The image will either sound funny, or ridiculous and your fear will be completely whitewashed.