Visionary Leadership Training

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The twenty-first century saw the dawn of nonpareil technology advancement and still, the biggest asset for any organization is its people. Leaders of the modern era need to understand, it is not adequate to be only technically sound and lack quality decision-making skills.

The three-day program created and presented by our experts in leadership development, unveils some of the hidden, not-talked-about skills of the trade that has placed successful leaders where they are today.
Based on the behavior pattern of the magnificent leaders in various fields and the process of minutely carving the strategies in the process, this course will enable you to:

  • Method to identify and utilize the unsung and unconscious motivators in the team.
  • Identify and develop the skill to inherit various kinds of leadership prowess for different people at different times of their development.
  • Identify the unconscious strategies people apply to decision-making, and some for not making the decision.
    And use them to work consciously.
  • Develop an enhanced skill set based on the progressive goal setting and solution-oriented approach for effective performance.
  • Communicate and influence with elegance and integrity to get things done – fast

The program is made for

  • Supervisors, Managers, and even the CEO
  • HR professional seeking to add to their skillset
  • Aspiring leaders in various sectors
  • For talent pool individuals looking for the advanced and impactful skillset
  • And you

What you will learn?

  • Leader Vs Manager – what’s the difference?
  • Four steps to success
    • Creating a crystal clear goal
    • Powerhouse Planning
    • Dynamic Communication
    • Managing the transition
  • The who, how, and when of Leadership
  • Long-term outcomes and S.M.A.R.T. Goal setting
  • Innovative and powerful planning using powerful NLP Techniques
  • Interactive and interpersonal communication; deciphering the communication
  • Handling the transition
  • Out-of-box thinking: Reading into other people’s map of the world
  • Personal Action Planning – putting all this learning to effective use

How will you learn all of this in only three days?

Your guide on this fascinating journey is an outstanding professional business Trainer and Coach, Sushil Mehrotra who has had the opportunity to work with, and study, many highly effective leaders in business around the world. He has coupled this knowledge of “Behavioural Modelling” with the use of NLP, Accelerated Learning techniques, Emotional Intelligence, and good, plain fun to ensure that you will learn quickly and effectively in a fast-paced and supportive environment.

During the course of the program, you will have opportunities to experience;

  • Trainer input
  • Open discussion and sharing of experiences
  • Individual exercises
  • Group sessions and tasks

The emphasis will be on enjoying a high-quality learning process, developing powerful and relevant skills, exchanging experiences and ideas, and planning how to take all that back to the workplace and use it.

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Sushil has almost 30 years of experience in training and service delivery domain. An Electronics engineer by education and certified Master Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, he has worked with industry leaders like Xerox, Canon, Ricoh and vCustomer. His experience spreads from setting up training function to Service Delivery and Quality He has worked closely with HR function in his capacity as Training Head for three large MNC's. He has served as head of service delivery and was responsible for setting up and managing training function for Ricoh. Canon and several other organization in capacity of management consultant
His journey to NLP started several years ago, as he started looking for answer to perceived limitations of human performance. Firm believer of phrase “Nothing is impossible"; SushiI started looking for the answers to his concerns about human potential. His experiments in real life proved that complete metamorphoses of a person to achieve whatever he wants was possible, though he did not have a model that could be used to replicate the success.
His search took him to spirituality and his search for scientific and logical methodology brought him to NLP. He also discovered several models existing in NLP that answered his quest to achieve excellence.

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