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WisdomTree Solutions in conjunction with Goa NLP is proud to offer NLP Trainer Training in India and other SAARC countries. Building on the commitment to enable quality training(s) in India, we have planned the next NLP Trainer training (Please refer to training calendar for dates).
This program will bring together two of the most accomplished International Master Trainers of NLP to create an experience that is really worth more than the price you pay.

We extending the opportunity to all Master Practitioners of NLP (including those who have completed their journey from other recognized institutions) and in accordance with the international curricula and is open to all participants across the world. The program is global in nature and has participation from across the world.
It is run in accordance with the global standards accredited by ANLP (Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, India) and ECNLP (European Community of NLP).
Join us for two weeks for a program mixed with learning and enjoyment in the heart of the country.

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The program module includes the following:-

  • Complete training led by the two highly recognized International master trainers
  • Provides all manuals and pre-studying material
  • Successfully graduating participants will receive Internationally acclaimed NLP Trainer Certification
  • Many other international and Indian trainers for assistance
  • Participants, who are enrolled early in the course, will be provided with complimentary accommodation.

The participants must reserve the seats as early as possible because of a limited number. You can block your place for the program by writing to us and depositing the registration amount to confirm your attendance and you will be provided a special free pre-trainer program so that our team can assist you in fulfilling your ambition as a certified NLP Trainer.

Once you register for the program, please write to us about the initiation of your pre-trainer program journey.

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Sushil has almost 30 years of experience in training and service delivery domain. An Electronics engineer by education and certified Master Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, he has worked with industry leaders like Xerox, Canon, Ricoh and vCustomer. His experience spreads from setting up training function to Service Delivery and Quality He has worked closely with HR function in his capacity as Training Head for three large MNC's. He has served as head of service delivery and was responsible for setting up and managing training function for Ricoh. Canon and several other organization in capacity of management consultant
His journey to NLP started several years ago, as he started looking for answer to perceived limitations of human performance. Firm believer of phrase “Nothing is impossible"; SushiI started looking for the answers to his concerns about human potential. His experiments in real life proved that complete metamorphoses of a person to achieve whatever he wants was possible, though he did not have a model that could be used to replicate the success.
His search took him to spirituality and his search for scientific and logical methodology brought him to NLP. He also discovered several models existing in NLP that answered his quest to achieve excellence.

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