NLP Life Coach Certification

112 students

The only permanent thing in life is change. The seed of prosperity and growth, but change is not easily consumable for everyone. Most of us are unable to break the comfort zone and find it difficult to cope up with  changes in our lives. We find ourself in unwanted situations most of the time and need someone (Life Coach), who can get us out of the situation.

Now who is a Life Coach? Where do we find them? What special does he do and how to get life coaching certification? These questions must be hounded in your brain circuit. A Life coach is a person, who helps people from every sphere of life and strikes a cordial balance between the personal and professional life.

If you had a keen interest in building long term quality relationship, productivity, effective communication skills, changing old habits,motivation and confidence to come out with all guns blazing even in the bizarre situations. Then this program is ideally compatible with you.

We can proudly certify under the recognized and accomplished organizations, when it comes to providing the highest standard of NLP trainers to the participants, we are up the ladder. We offer international certification and a membership of with the society of NLP.

Our 16 day program lay huge emphasis on importing core coaching competencies from our trained coaching team to the participants.

Things to learn

In the first seven days you will learn the core of coaching laying a solid foundation for:-

  • Eradicate all unnecessary fears and phobias
  • Learning the skills to become an influential communicator
  • Developing strong rapport with others
  • Chanding unwarranted behavior inside you and others
  • Blast the heavy dose of motivation with in you and others
  • Conquer your emotional states
  • Increase your sensort alertness
  • Become a master of reading body language, verbal and non verbal communication
  • Become a synonym of success

The last nine days will be spent on achieving perfection in the topics already learned and learning advanced skills such as :-

  • Understanding and resolving the inner conflicts
  • Identify the driving force behind the people behavior and decision making
  • Coaching methods and techniques to diminish the negative beliefs
  • Timeline coaching
  • Understanding the core behind extraordinary skills and ability to teach others


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₹45,000.00 ₹40,000.00