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Playing the Right Tune to Balance Work and Life

As a professional, our entire day is divided in two quarters. The day belongs to office and the night to personal life. This is a thumb rule followed by modern professional as it give abundant time to recharge the batteries and giving optimum performance in various domains.

The problem arises, when lust, greed and insecurity misbalance our life cycle. In the modern world, employment is about instant performance and not excellence. Other person is always ready to replace your designation and at less salary package. What happens next? It develops the feeling of insecurity.

The fear of insecurity propels you to compensate those extra hours in the office leaving you exhausted, directly affecting the personal life too. Those extra hours might earn you promotion, a salary hike, but what is the benefit, if you have no time to enjoy your earned money and achievements.

So here are few sure shot ways taught during our life coaching training program to maintain cordial balance between the work and the life:-

Spend some time without social media and E-mails

Social media was integrated in our life to make world a small place and bring every loved one closer, but what happened is complete vice versa. Every thirty second we receive some message constantly keeping us engage in virtual life.

The managers, CEO or even team leaders use social media to connect with team members and can assign any new task anywhere and anytime. So basically, you are always on duty. So use the platform according to your comfort, instead of being the puppet.

Don’t be a pleasure entity

We often try to impress other person and reside in their good books. You want to prove yourself as a dedicated, hardworking person in the eyes of others and needs their approval. This gives the other person the power to enjoy a great deal of pleasure. They feel like the smartest person and start taking you for granted.

Never ask for other approval, believe in your skills and understand your boundary.

Life is about balancing every aspect, some indulge into self realization and some constantly battle with stress. Don’t worry, join the life coach training program to conquer your emotional states, enhanced sensory alertness and lead a happy life.

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