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Playing the Right Chord Between Personal & Professional Life Through Emotional Intelligence

Have you keenly noticed your office staff with observation power on? The staff is primarily divided into two categories. The workaholic guys versus the street smart lazy guys and the interesting fact is both are wavered in their value system and suffer from workplace conflicts, attendance irregularities, decreased productivity and facing high level of stress and anxiety.

These both groups are not able to achieve an equilibrium state between personal and professional and are facing constant failures in the longer run. Even the employees understand their situation in this cut throat working environment and want to put a halt board to their suffering, but lack of awareness and wisdom is restricting them.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program) has been instrumental in spreading the art of juggling between work and personal life through its emotional intelligence training program. The program is about understanding your conscious and mental state and using the desired emotion as a weapon and not a vulnerable spot.

It allows you to reboot your behavior pattern, body language and old habits and change the old pattern and attract success, productivity and mental balance from all spheres. If your want to maintain cordial balance between your personal and professional life, your working habits and dedication must co-relate with your value system developed over a period of time.

If both the aspects are complete vice versa, you will feel frustrated with your job and will immensely contribute to the stress level in the office with loss of productivity as a bonus. This happens because you don’t feel passionate about your job and lack vision. You are in no man’s land and don’t know where to go on.

So the solution is to clear the vision and avoid spending time and energy on negative emotions. Once the vision is clear, allocate the time on your personal life and spend quality time with them. Personal moments rejuvenate the energy level and refresh mind, body and soul.

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