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Phobia Cure Through this Simple NLP Technique

All of us suffer from some kind of phobia causing stress, anxiety and nervous disorder. Phobia of water, heights, wild animals, commitment and loneliness are the prime examples and can be easily found in people around us.

How is phobia caused?

Phobia is a traumatic incident happened in the past and storing painful and fear memories in the brain. When you find yourself in the same situation the old memories develop a fearful and anxious responsive action. The phobia can lead to panic attacks, traumatic, immobilizing emotions taking the situation completely out of control.

It is a response to a past event or picture and has nothing to do with the present scenario causing uncontrollable response.

Hypnosis NLP technique to cure phobia in a single session

Sit down in a relax position and imagine a sweet memory you are fond of. This will loosen the nerves and dispense a feeling of relaxation and accomplishment.

Now think about your phobia. For instance visualize yourself inside the water and feeling completely choked with no one around to help. And please visualize in black and white image not colored. Let the fear take over. Now you are inside the water feeling hopeless.

Suddenly, you see a helping hand reaching and taking you out. Dragging you near the boat and relaxing you by offering a cup of tea. Now stop rewind the complete scenario.

Let the scene roll in descending order. This time visualize the entire scenario in full 70 mm color display with digital sound. Reverse the entire scenario. Try this technique thrice or more than thrice.

And the phobia will vanish. You must be thinking such a simple remedy for such a difficult problem. Remember no matter how dark the room is, a ray of light can illuminate the entire room. Try this simple hypnosis NLP technique and fix the phobia.

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