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Difference Between Self-Improvement and Personality Development

Most of us consider self-improvement and personality development as the same term with a different meaning. When you invest in improving as an individual, the outcomes will surely add more feathers in your cap, but the deeper you get, the gap between self-improvement and personality development increases.

Self-improvement is an inward process and personality development is an outward process. Let’s elaborate on personality first. Personality development is the process in which we polish our skills, appearance, and communication to influence others. It is about bringing the change within in keeping in mind the need and perspectives of others.

People often say this person has a charming personality intoxicating our minds and senses. Influential personalities fulfill the expectation of other people; masses live their very own dreams through them. They see you as an icon, mentor, or trendsetter defining the norms and leaving the trails for mass to follow.

On the other hand, self-improvement has nothing to do with people, it is the journey within. It is a rendezvous between mind and soul. It is more about improvement in your eyes. During bad times people leave you in anguish, you are your best friend. Self-improvement is about developing self-confidence, high self-esteem, and standing firm during the cyclone waiting for the dust to settle.

Although both the elements seem to complement each other, and appear to achieve the same goal i.e. self-satisfaction and success. Yet, it is possible that they may not go with each other. Sometimes Personality development is seen as one of the branches of self-improvement itself. It can be about being yourself, identifying your hidden potential, and achieving anything you want by sharpening your skills, but, the contradictions may remain. When was the last time you met someone who is a celebrity status person, extremely loveable and successful but riddled with poor self-esteem, living a stressful life, insecure, and not in control of emotions…

Sounds familiar, isn’t it?

Nowadays it is easy to join any personality development course to learn how to flaunt, matching communication frequency with others, mastering body language and every trick in the book leaving a long-lasting impression on others, but, without suitable self-empowerment, it could turn out to be a house with weak foundations.

The approach we take WisdomTree Solutions is completely that of Inside-out improvement. Our personality development training offers improvement in one’s knowledge, skills, and character to satisfy own cravings and radiating like a sun among other stars. For us, self-improvement and personality development may be different, but an essential part of the same hierarchy.