NLP and Negotiations
24 August

NLP and Negotiations

Negotiating, like Sales, is a far-reaching function in business. From the CEO down, just about every person in an organisation finds themselves in a negotiation situation at some time or another, whether it be:

Mergers and acquisitions at a

18 July

NLP and Coaching

I’ve had the privilege of working with, and facilitating, some outstanding people over the years and one of the contributing factors, from my end of the partnership, has been the combination of an effective coaching structure and process together with

08 May

NLP and Leadership

Doing Business with NLP
Part One – Leadership
So, where does NLP fit in business? What a great question and one that I get asked constantly. I also hear the comment, occasionally, “there’sLeadership no place for all that fluffy NLP

21 March

NLP and Happiness

First application of NLP is on self, so before we start discussing various NLP applications that work to give your career a boost, we will spend some time to discuss how you as a person can benefit from NLP.

12 February

Unlimited Human Potential

Neuro Linguistic Programming believes in and works on unlimited human potential. Let’s look at some of the presuppositions of NLP

Every person has required resources to achieve desired outcomes.
There are no un-resourceful people only un-resourceful states.
If one

16 January

NLP as Sales Tool

There is little doubt that sales and selling are not restricted to the role of “Sales Executive” in a business.
There are times, on a daily basis, where almost every member of an organisation finds themselves in a “selling” situation.

10 January

Power of spoken word

I will start this article with an NLP presupposition “Meaning of Communication is the response you get”, and that is a very powerful statement.
How often do we see people telling us that they were misunderstood and something they said

28 November

NLP in Sales

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is a new cognitive science born in California USA in the 1970’s, the brainchild of Dr John Grinder and Dr Richard Bandler.
It is often referred to as the study of subjective experience or the

02 July

Structure of Consciousness

I acknowledge the fact that it may sound little too complex to many people and we discuss this model in our Master practitioner program. I find this concept very interesting and it has its application in almost all domains right

12 February

Break the bell…

We in our lives have been haunted by the Bell, I am talking of bell curve that most statisticians are proud of. They find it comforting in dividing the population into the groups of below average, average (or as some