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NLP Tricks to Convince Your Brain What You Want

Have you ever felt that mind is totally getting out of control and is already sitting on driving seat? It has convinced you to follow all those interest and temptations, totally against your interest.

The basic nature of the brain is to confuse and halt the goal in the first step. Brain always seeks for short term rewards by forming illusion, day dreaming and mysticism. It convince you to do it easy way, the interesting fact is that subconscious brain doesn’t understand the difference between illusion and reality. For instance, you see yourself running in a dream and suddenly wake up. Your heart beat will be running fast as if you were running in real time.

It is every much possible, you can train your brain with NLP training and achieve whatever you want.

Replace tempting habits with reward habits

Brain always craves for those thoughts and actions, which can earn them extra brownie points. For example, you are addicted to chatting and willing to quit, but nothing is working out. Reward your brain with following new habits, like spending time on other hobbies like music and gym. Once the dose of reward will enhance, tempting habits will lose its path.

Break the pattern and wipe all the junk

Your mind is filled with unlimited junk thoughts and feelings, you feel like cleaning it, but ends up adding new thoughts in the itinerary. Our mind is automatically trained that whatever you touch, the brain tries to possess it as maybe someday you might need it.  Reprogram your mind, think what if everything is lost, what will be your next action. Brain will create resistance, but attach yourself with the thought “What if everything is lost”.

Feed new information regularly

Feed your brain with new information regularly. Meet new people and hangout with them, visit new places and ensure that you learn new skills with time.