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NLP Mind Power – Five Persuasive Words to Control Others Mind

Our life revolves around persuading others on various levels and experimenting on different relationships. Our daily life is filled with tons of examples. A boy desires to persuade a girl for love, a sales person tries his heart out to persuade the customer or a father trying to persuade his son, the list is endless with a common word called “Persuade”.

Mind power is a sometimes a necessity and sometimes transform into lust, but expecting right approach and constructive behavior, here I as a NLP Practitioner after years of experience find these five persuasive words to control others mind:-

Who are you?

When someone asks you “who are you” or “Tell me about yourself”, you suddenly become alert and unknowingly invoke survival portion of the brain called Amygdale responsible for fight or flight mode. You feel pressurized and put an extra effort to prove your existence. The most common example is interview session, when the interviewer asks “Tell me about yourself” and you choke.


Now, this is a very catchy and interesting word responsible for making many bijou company a money magnet. Free talk time, free movie tickets or free holiday vacations, the word dispense immense pleasure and a sense of blessing. Words are magical, try it.


Remember opens the chambers of imagination surfing around the sweet fond memories. You can easily persuade a person by reminding him inspirational and encouraging memories. This word is most used by psychologist to treat depression patients.

You are free to choose

Freedom is priceless, a state of mind others envy. I personally can’t compromise with my freedom. If you force someone to follow the norms or enter the relationship, most likely he is going to run away. It is much better to offer him his space of freedom and give him the choice of freedom. Use the word “You are free to choose”, it can do wonders decreasing the chances of rejection.


When I say more, it gives the feeling of accomplishment. More is always good. It gives you the freedom to work more, earn more, dream more.

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