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Neuro Linguistic Programming – An Insight

As I start speaking of what NLP is, chances are you would say… Yes, I know! Or I have read about it or someone would have told you about it. The NLP scenario in India has gone through a sea change, from very few trainers in 2010 to thousands of them now, it is good news as well as bad. Because there is so much noise that sometimes it is not easy to know what it is.…

So, what is NLP, really? Is it a set of those techniques you see on so many YouTube channels, is it a manipulative technique that some NLP baiters speak of and some people even go on to call it pseudo-science…What is it???

Let me illustrate by giving you a simple example, and I suggest you work with me on this. Imagine, you are walking on the street and suddenly you hear some commotion, you look in the direction and find people are indicating towards a big white thing (animal) rushing in your direction. Your mind goes in a frenzy and tells you it is a bull, no, it is a raging bull… what would be your response? Run, right?

Let us go behind the scenes and figure out how this response that might have saved your life happened. The first part of experience involved your sensory system, ears, eyes, and a whole lot of neural network that carries information back and forth to your brain (Neuro), Second part was your brain (mind) processing this information to comprehend the situation and interpret it using words (Raging Bull), it’s quite possible that you might have heard some words being spoken by the crowd itself like Run, Bull, etc. (Linguistics, we include non-verbal also in it) and finally, your response (unconscious in this case) to run and save yourself (Programming). Would your response be different if you were a trained bullfighter?

Now, we understand that NLP is Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or in simple words, it is a science that involves the study of your sensory experiences, your comprehension of the situation, and how you are programmed to respond (behave). The interesting part is that the three components we spoke of interact and influence each other, so the information moves both ways. Imagine, the way you are programmed will influence your sensory experience as well. No wonder you come across many people who would refuse to see some aspect of reality while for you it is right there for anyone (willing) to see.

There are thousands of ways to define and explain what NLP is, I have used one that I find simple to understand and another reason I promote this view is that it gives us an insight into what NLP could be used for. The example I gave is an extreme one, but, if you were to look at yourself or any other person and his/ her behavior, you will be able to understand it better using NLP.
Not only you can understand it better, but you can also influence and change the behavior, no wonder NLP is called Manipulative.

Classic NLP was initially developed as a therapeutic technique, the initial models were about therapies, and even participants used to be people from the domain of psychology, but over the period all of that has changed.

With time people realized its applicability in day-to-day life, in business coaching, sports coaching and you are bound to find it wherever you see, I have personally trained psychologists, teachers, trainers, sports personnel and coaches, business leaders, students, homemakers, Marketeers, professor of advertising, motivational speaker and even politicians… Today if you carefully observe any famous speaker, you will be able to identify many NLP language patterns as they speak. I am not saying that they all consciously use NLP, what I am saying is by learning NLP one could do all that as NLP is also called a meta-model for success.

I generally avoid jargon(s) in my programs, but, let me explain “Modelling” as it is a critical component of NLP and its structure. All of NLP is made of “Models”, you can visualize a model as a description of what contributes to making something work. If there is a great dancer, knowing how that person can perform is like creating a model of that person. Models, once created can be used for learning and teaching and that’s how most of the techniques in NLP have come by. People involved with NLP create models of people who succeed by carefully studying their behavior and thinking and cleaning out idiosyncrasies that do not affect the outcome. These are simplified codes for success and can enable learners to achieve their goals.

You may also look at NLP as a communication model, it is very efficient and as it is all about communication, you could use NLP wherever you need to communicate with others or even with yourself, this is precisely how I have been able to get results.

This article is a simple insight into what NLP is, I run programs ranging from one day to fifteen days on topics varying from core NLP concepts to parenting and leadership. That will possibly give you an idea about the potential of NLP and its usage.

It is like one’s curiosity to learn about water, it is everywhere, it is used by everyone and one could experience it. Yet one may spend a lifetime learning about its various states, properties, and usage.

From the article originally written for by Sushil Mehrotra

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5 Things Confident People Do

Confidence is a feeling of certainty backing your repertoire and abilities in handling any given situation effectively. Almost 70% of our decisions are influenced by others, past track record and mass consciousness, making us a mere puppet controlled by the society.

When we cut off our ties with the external world and start believing our instincts, confidence emerges on the top surface. The courage to take risks; never say die attitude and fighting tendency to combat the obstacles and reach the desired goal are few symptoms of towering confidence.

A confident person is a source of inspiration for people around, he is never a part of the rat race. He designs his own road, own rules and follows them religiously. Once Indian batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar said “Success is a process… during that journey sometimes there are stones thrown at you, and you convert them into milestones,”.

Confident people don’t do different things, they do same things differently. Here are top ten things, confident people usually do:-

Self-efficacy- Confident people never make excuses, you would hardly hear these people blaming situations, resources and people for their failure. They have control over their emotions and believe in making things happen irrespective of all odd situations.

They never quit- “Winners never quit, quitters never win” , confident people never quit, they keep trying until taste success. It doesn’t mean they keep trying the same thing again and again. They experiment with their approach and don’t repeat the same mistake.

They don’t seek attention & praise from others

Confident people derive their self-worth and praise from within. Inner conscience is the source of their inspiration, they don’t attention and praise from others. People change with time and impressing them to earn self –worth is a waste of time and energy.

They never judge others

Confident people understand the facts of life and never judge others using them as a comparison tool to evaluate personal growth and performance. Everyone is different and possesses their own strength and weakness; copycat is for monkeys not humans.

They never define their territories

Confident and successful people never define their territories, making them complacent and lazy. They keep expanding their limitations and are always on the go all the time. Struggle and discomfort keeps us awake for success. Remember, no pain, no gain.

A person pouring with confidence is eligible to become most wanted leader. There is a plethora of examples available in the annals. Our Leadership Training Program takes a leaf out of annals and presents them in the most interactive way possible.

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Hypnosis Training- Unlocking a New Dimension of Human Consciousness

Hypnosis is a mystic art, a more of a taboo in India. Different scriptures, best selling books and mediocre movies have painted hypnosis as a black magic or evil art to control the other person senses and using it to one’s benefits. The false rumor is so deeply rooted that hypnosis lost its vigor for ages, until it was rediscovered by the NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

NLP has been instrumental in extracting the full potential of hypnosis training in Delhi and therefore unlocking a new dimension of human consciousness. You can get rid of your medicines, past traumas, diseases, re-frame old habits and behavioral pattern, everything is achievable through Hypnosis.

What is Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a human state invoked by the practitioner involves deep relaxation, completely focused, sensory awareness and enhanced capacity of new thoughts acceptance. There is a predefined model on how NLP training should work. During our hypnosis training Mumbai and other tier 2 cities in India, the candidate is in a trance state with heightened imagination. Any new thought or suggestion can easily be encapsulated in mind and install.

Hypnosis is a diverse field and includes past life regression, reiki, meditation, color therapy, aromatherapy, etc.

Benefits of hypnosis training

Hypnosis have contributed a lot in mastering human psychology and directly solved the physical and mental problem of human beings, which includes:-

Helpful in behavior change-  Do you easily get angry, frustrated or having trouble controlling your emotions affecting your personal relationship and professional commitments. Hypnosis identify the real problem underlying in the unconscious mind through different trajectories and getting rid of them by implanting new positive suggestion or thought.

Helpful in dealing with frightening childhood issues

Broken self esteem, abusive childhood or any traumatic experience has a long lasting experience in human life. Hypnosis goes inside the deep rabbit hole of the problem, rewind the memory to the past, modify it and change the future.

Helpful in treating anxiety and depression

These days the only solution to fix anxiety and depression is medication. By using hypnotic suggestions, you can eliminate the triggering point of anxiety and panic giving you 100% relief.

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Learn How to Feel Cool at Work with NLP

Do you like your workplace or just a place for bread and butter? Daily performance evaluations, strict deadlines, boss scoldings and low salary package always distract us from present and take us to future.

No matter how good I perform, my boss is never going to appreciate my efforts. We unconsciously generate negative emotions and feelings to the things, which have never happened in actual. I call it useless imagination.

So, it is evident that imagination plays a major role in enhancing or decreasing the stress and pressure in the office environment. It is capable of influencing our feelings and just by triggering the motion you can actually learn how to feel good at work.

NLP training Pune has used imagination as an important tool in fixing human emotions, fear, trauma and unwarranted behavior. You can’t change the situation, but can actually change your state of mind.

How imagination affects your feelings

It is a fact that brain really has difficult time in differentiating the difference between reality and imagination. So when you imagine things, the brain releases certain positive hormones and stores the responses if the thing happened in real. Mind has unlimited potential.

Humor will evolve and you can imagine same situation with different permutation and combination.

Let’s understand how to implant imagination to feel good anywhere and everywhere

Now here is a trick, which could actually regulate your mood, emotions and feelings during work to inject motivation and boost productivity.

During night, imagine the best office day tomorrow

Think how could your best office day, what things you will like to do and earn recognition in return from boss and the colleagues. How would your interact and how will your share all the accolades and happiness with your friends and families.

Imagine new situations and questions before any presentation

Just before any meeting or presentation, imagine new situations, ideas and prompted questions and an inspiring conversation with the boss. Think how boss loved your ideas, this simple exercise will regulate good mood.

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Is NLP a Process Oriented Psychology?

-When this question comes in mind then we think for a while atleast what is NLP? What is the meaning of ‘this’ particular word? If we are able to find out this word then we will better explain this word in an easy way.

NLP: From its name it reveals that it is Neuro Linguistic Programming that deals with behavioral body pattern. Neuro: thinking process, the way anyone uses your senses to understand your feelings and what is happening around you. Linguistic: the words and languages used by yourself to influence others and people around you. Programming: It is basically your behavior. The way you represent your actions, ideas and advices in front of others which product in positive and negative outcomes.

In other words NLP is defined as Neuro– It is directly related to our brain. Everything that we experience in our daily life like conscious and unconscious events all are related to our sense organ; central nervous system. Linguistic– all mental activities thinking, acting everything is transformed and encoded through the use of language. Programming– communication or conversation is systemized in the form of programming. NLP is used in many different possible ways to make any relationship stronger, to develop good skills with the help of using your own abilities.

Basically NLP is a process oriented psychology which deals with different situations and analyze how and why this outcome has arrived. Analyzing deeply any situation will give you desired outcome and can see what are the hindering materials.

“The greatest discovery of our generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their states of mind.”-  William James

NLP training offers an elastic approach which brings positive and fast change in organizations and individuals and entitles them to adapt to an ever changing environment. In NLP methodology it involves various models and techniques to help you to understand people’s behavior, thinking and area of interest to work for their betterment. Empowerment is necessary in this changing and involving India.

NLP explains the basic dynamics and relation between the mind (neuro) and language (linguistic) and how their connection affects our behavior and body language. Human mind refers the neurological system which transforms words and languages with the help of sensory organs both conscious and unconscious. This thought process activates neurological system which results in emotions, behavior and physiology. NLP is learning about how to manage our own emotions to get desired outcomes or in other words it can be defined as controlling our own behavior to get maximum benefited results.

Linguistic explained as how to express our emotions and thoughts with the use of good language. It is language used to communicate with others our own idea and way of thinking. Language is responsible in building strong rapport, to influence people whether you have conversation with any individual or in a group.

NLP training taught you how to access words and languages to work more effectively and impressively. NLP acts as personality development tool to enhance personality and emotions to have better communication with others.

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Motivation through NLP

NLP is a well known psychological tool to deal with issues such as phobias and compulsions and apart from these it also provides many techniques those help in building confidence and to motivate. NLP and motivation both are connected to each other indirectly since the early days.

Motivation is basically based on how you communicate with others. If you are talking in an ordinary way then you will get normal reactions but if your communication style is attractive then in response you will get positive reaction and enthusiasm.

What is motivation?

Since we are discussing about motivation through NLP then the main question is what is motivation? How can we motivate others in effective way? How do we get motivated? How do some people have so much energy and motivation to perform any task and some people only struggle?

The common answer to all questions is motivation is energy to accomplish any work. It will be better if you consider any time in your present life where you were depressed and tired, then how did you motivate yourself to move forward. How you start conversation to motivate others in right direction.

After motivation what is NLP: it is Neuro Linguistic Programming where different tools and techniques are used for personality development. Motivation with NLP Bangalore simply defines communication with others in effective manner to motivate others and yourself. Getting motivated doesn’t happen according to plans or by any sudden change. Motivation is not any materialistic or natural thing that some people have it or some don’t have it, but it is something that you can create in yourself and in others also. It is a type of internal energy that only requires to be initiated and nothing else.

Now some tips how to get motivated using NLP-

First step towards to feel motivated is imagine yourself in condition where you have achieved your target, completed your dream and already got your desired success. This is all you are seeing with your own eyes and you are feeling that all which all are going to happen in near future. Thinking about these things will boost your mind and you will feel energetic to conquer your dreams. Remember everyone’s has ability to persue his dreams only courage is required to work in right direction.

Now experiment these things with making it visual colorful, brighter, larger, adjust sound by making it louder and add some music to it, to make it more useful. This experiment only purpose is to intensify your feelings to further work on desired outcomes.

We all have some feelings inside our body which are need to be encouraged and this you can do it by doubling these feeling in any way.

Now the most important part of motivation is communication. How you communicate with others, the way you communicate with others and yourself directly impacts on mind. Whenever we start any work or task whether it is related to any physical exercise or any mental exercise we check where we stand. Same thing with motivation also identify present motivation strategy, pay attention to words any languages used during communication. In another word motivation in NLP’s language it is known as influence. Influence is comprised of different components like clear and congruent communication, strong relationships and understanding with others. Every human being has these abilities but only requirement is to identify them and work on these skills for betterment of our future.

NLP is all about working on these psychological tools to get better outcome. NLP is helpful when you are in confusion how and from where to start implementing these abilities. No need to search and roam here and there, there are a lot of institutes in India where NLP certified courses are offered. NLP in India is now a well known talk which no needs any introduction. Apply NLP tools to see changes in your personal and professional life to get desired achievements.

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How to Empower your Mind, Life through NLP Training

The true meaning of life is evolvement, growth, development and accomplishing personal milestones and achievements. Once in a smooth transition, some hurdles, speed breakers disturb our comfort zone, we call it problem.

When things don’t happen our way, it causes friction in behavior alarming our mind to change the pattern. Instead of embracing the problem, we are at loggerheads with problem exhausting the energy reserves and extracting nothing.

You live with same destiny for decades and nothing changes. To feel the change, being the change is mandatory. Wisdom Tree Solutions has come up with an initiative to empower the mind, life by incorporating NLP training.

We have designed a structured NLP training in Banglore and other parts of India to enable participants in achieving excellence in their personal and professional life.

What is NLP

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a fusion of art and science establishing a relationship between how we think, how we communicate (verbally or non verbally) and understanding the behavior, emotions and feelings of the mind.

Once you understand how to reframe your behavior pattern, eradicate all the negative energies stopping to achieve your goals and dreams. This is the major difference between brilliant and dumb, common man and influential personality. We all are brilliant, but 90% of us are unaware about our potential.

I as an NLP practitioner have used all the advanced tools and techniques on emerging leaders, business person, sports person, sales person, supervisors, employees, students and influential personalities from different domains and saw them rewriting history after attending our NLP training program in India.

What are the benefits

  • Rapport building
  • Identifying your hidden skills and using to own and others benefit
  • Learning the art of understanding one’s and other body language
  • Proving our mettle over emotional states
  • Breaking old habits and reframing behavior pattern to change life
  • Self motivation
  • Maintaining equilibrium between personal and professional commitments

Wisdom Tree solutions is right on top, when it comes to providing highest standard of NLP training under highly skilled and experienced trainers.

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence itself shows something which is related to emotions, feelings. Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon evolved a new modern IQ test in 1994. This intelligence measuring test has led many people believe that a person has higher IQ will be intelligent and naturally it is believed that he will get success in life.

But according to experts it is not necessary that a person with high IQ will be intelligent and so successful also. IQ is not the measurement of intelligence. Experts say that intelligence is comparative and it cannot be measured on these calculations. Instead of this all they say that IQ is a measurement of mathematical ratio and in compliance with CNN report IQ measures your problem solving abilities and reasoning.


So it is just a myth if you are smart enough then you are successful also. It’s all about your hard work and dedication towards goals that makes you successful.  In Ohio state centre for human resource a study is being conducted that revels that some person who were intelligent faced financial crisis in their life. Apart from this people who were less intelligent to them were financially stable and successful in their respective areas.

Now a days to get success you should be expert in emotional intelligent.

What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Quotient is an ability to understand and manage your own emotions, feelings and those of others.

This term was first introduced by a graduate student named Wayne Leon Payne in 1985. He wrote a thesis titled as “A Study of Emotion: Developing Emotional Intelligence”. After this two American University professors John Mayer and Peter Salovey published two academic journal articles to introduce some information about EI “the difference between people’s ability in the area of emotions” in the year 1990.

The popularity of EI goes to New York Times writer and psychologist Daniel Goleman in his two famous books “Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ” and “Working with Emotional Intelligence”.

Key elements of EI-

Goleman categorized five various elements of EQ-

Self Regulation- It is regulating or controlling your own emotions. Generally it happens when we feel anger or anxiety we are unable to control these feelings. With the help of EI you can regulate them and can change these negative attitudes in positive attitude. Person with high EI perform certain things like: meditation, long walk, listening soft music and yoga to build positive energy around them.

  • Trustworthiness: Being upright towards work and team members.
  • Innovation: Welcome new ideas and changes to embrace creativity.
  • Adaptability: Flexible enough to make changes and develop.
  • Restraint: Don’t hold grudges, avoid negativity.
  • Conscientiousness: Takes responsibility of the deeds either it is done by you or your teammates.

Social Skills- People, who have good interpersonal skills build strong relationships, build deep trust and genuinely connect others to nurture any relationship. These types of people respect other’s feelings, beliefs and thinking unlike it doesn’t matches with them because they try to understand them. A person having good social skills will show these qualities-

  • An effective leader- they have ability to lead and guide any group or any organization.
  • A catalyst- they have capability to initiate and manage change.
  • An excellent team player- they have ability to create groups in order to achieve goals or target.
  • Effective at conflict management- they are expert in understanding, negotiating and resolving conflicts and issues.
  • Cooperative nature- they work collaboratively with colleagues to achieve common target.
  • An effective communicator- they deliver clear messages so that everyone can easily understand.
  • An influencer- they have quality to persuade any person easily in order to perform any difficult task.
  • A relationship builder- they build strong relations and alliances and nurture them with happiness.

Motivation- People with high EI always focused towards their goal with positive attitude. Even if there are several problems that hinder their path they will find one single path to conquer the goal.

  • Optimism- ability to move on despite hurdles with confidence in achieving goals.
  • Commitment- ensure all steps and procedures are relevant to achieve target of organization or troop.
  • Initiative- ready to face challenges whatever the situations are and to grab opportunities.
  • Drive for excellence- always plough on to ensure excellence and implement feedbacks.

Self- awareness- This is capability to recognize your own emotions and feelings. Once you are known to your weaknesses then you can easily manage them. Elements of self-awareness-

  • Self confidence- confidence in your own capabilities and strength.
  • Emotional awareness- being known to own emotions and impression of these on others.

Empathy- When you try to understand someone else’s feelings or situations then you put yourself in other people’s shoe; that is called empathy. This ability makes you to consider other person’s thought and concerns and you respond according to them. With this you will be a good decision maker because while taking decision you consider other’s opinions and thoughts. Some key factors of empathy-

  • Political cleverness- behaving well and work with the people including them who don’t agree with you.
  • Delivering service- Identifying, meeting and anticipating customer’s needs and provide services according to them.
  • Leveraging diversity- grab opportunities from different gender, religions, race, ages etc.
  • Developing subordinates- helping others to grow and strengthen their capabilities.

Why do recruiters think emotional intelligence is important?

According to studies done by US Department of Labor, if any organization hire bad employees that means with less skill then it approximately cost 30% of the employee’s first year probable earnings.

That’s why selectors hire those candidates who not only show that skills but also they have capabilities to perform extraordinarily.

How do recruiters decide which job applicants are the best matched?

If we go back in time it will show that recruiters hired those candidates those had higher education relevant to that post and demonstrated that required qualities in test. Studies reveal that relation between education and success is just a myth.

In this competitive era EI is in trend and selectors seek for the person those who have high EI. 71% recruiters told that EI is more important than IQ and they select candidates on the basis of higher EI than IQ. They gave reason that EI makes a person able to handle any situation. Even executives or senior officials those who have failed to handle their career requirements found with low EI. It is because they were unable to handle work pressure, failed to work in a team and can’t handle the change. Reason behind these all problems is EI

Qualities of high EI workers-

This is the era of EI and it is preferred over IQ. So, some qualities that are adhered by high EI personalities-

  • They set example with their memorable deeds.
  • Show empathy to their colleagues and teammates every time and especially in need.
  • Deal with pressure very effectively by staying calm in difficulties.
  • They resolve conflicts without any racket.
  • Show innovative and creative ideas to expand business.

Other qualities of high EI people-

  • They don’t run for perfection- People with high EI are matured enough that’s why they know people do mistakes and they learn from this. So, they don’t look for perfection.
  • They embrace change- People with high EI know that change is natural and they embrace it with positive attitude. They make plans by keeping this in mind if things are not gone as planned.
  • Balancing nature- In order to reduce stress level they know how to keep balance in their personal and professional life.
  • They set boundaries- They are respectful in crowd and dedicated to work but yes then know well how and when to say no without any hesitation.
  • They do not look back- People with high EI learn from their past and they don’t hold on. If something bad had happened in past they don’t hold grudges. They look forward for new opportunities and make maximum output from them.
  • Dedication for work- They fully focused on their projects and don’t distract by surroundings because they give importance to their work.
  • Self motivated- Motivation is a key to success keeping this in mind they work hard and motivate others also.
  • Positive attitude- Even there is hundred many hurdles that hinder their path they will find one path atleast to move on. They look for positivity and surround themselves with positive people. They avoid negative attitude people.
  • Self awareness- They know their weaknesses and strengths and how to use them for betterment of the future. Instead of looking at flaws they focus on strength to have good output.

How to increase EI?

If you want to work on your EI then take help from online assessments like offered by Institute for Health and Human Potential. These assessments are like tests where you can see your skills and you are lagging behind. You can improve in those areas with continuous work.

There are some EI books are also available like “The Emotional Intelligence 2.0” will also help you regarding this matter. You can exercise emotional intelligent skills with the help of this. Some valuable suggestions provided by EI experts are listen conversations with paying attention, greet people with smile, and try to understand other people’s situations, talk to your colleagues, take short tour to your work place and observe activities in movies or shows. These small things will lead you to big changes in your life.

Start considering EI in business and earn rewards-

In conclusion we can say that EI is crucial for success and involving this in your business will grow you bigger. Any organization with EI expert owners and employees show positive changes and success in work with team work. Build strong and positive relationships within organization and outside also. Nurture your relationship with your employees and your customers. Pay attention to EI and reach to the new height in success.


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Changing Preoccupied Mindset and Attention Seeking Behavior Through Nlp

Wisdom is something, which descends from heavenly abode to mind. You never know, when enlightenment struck the brain like a thunder lightening. During an NLP training in India session, one of my clients was discussing his failed romantic relationship cursing the destiny and pleading the divine to get her back.

I asked him “What qualities did you like in your loving lady”? He responded:-

  • She was caring
  • Made me felt worthy
  • Gave undivided attention
  • Unconditional love
  • A motivator

And gloomy confusion disappeared. We are never taught to appreciate our self. We are made felt terrible, disgusting, and worthless and don’t deserve respect and care. All these information are stored by the friends, family, society and the education system. I was born intelligent, but education ruined me.

So, in context to our topic, preoccupied mindset and attention seeking behavior is the core of your disturbed life. Every piece of information is stored in your subconscious mind framing the future. This develops a sense of loneliness, loss of interest and appetite, memory and even the problem of obsessive compulsive disorder.

In order to seek attention you over do things, irritating others. Your every act is defined by the desire of seeking attention. Within few days, due to irritation people start ignoring you. Here lands the role of NLP in reframing the behavior pattern, breaking old habits, modifying old belief system and eradicating all fears and phobias.

NLP training decodes the subconscious part of the brain and guides you to develop one’s own identity, don’t seek for love, you are love.  Be yourself, do what you actually like instead of impressing others. The right ones will stay with you. Insecurity is a sin. The training brings a shift in paradigm in the thought process and perspective.

NLP has been instrumental in breaking the myth of attention seeking as a necessity of life. The science behind attention is getting instant feedback, which motivates you to juggle and experiment encouraging imagination and creativity. The problem is that in between you lose your original identity. Do you suffer from attention seeking behavior, join NLP training Bangalore program.

Life Coaching NLP Articles

Who is a Life Coach

Once a disciple asked the teacher “What is life”. Bulging eyes, curious expressions and clueless body language depicted the mental tornado crumbling the mind. The teacher politely replied” Life is evolution, conscious development and constant change”. Create, operate and destroy are the three components of life.

A simple fact, every object in this material world is mortal and will die somewhere down the road. Many of my clients ask “What is the purpose of life” and I tell them “Evolution”. We are born to evolve. Whenever unwanted situation arise, we look for some divine energy to press the escape button and get us out of situation.

The bitter truth is challenges and problem arises to teach us our lesson and enable mental strength. We at Wisdom Tree Solutions ensure you faith is not broken and smashed. We will provide you the person capable of handling anything messy in life, one who had already conquered the emotional states and can make impossible possible.

The entity is called Life Coach. He is a person, who guides you to strike a cordial balance between the personal, social and professional life. During our NLP Life coaching India certification program the client learns:-

  • How to develop long term quality relationships
  • Boosting productivity
  • Developing influential communication skills
  • Breaking old habits
  • Conquering emotional states
  • Putting the halt board to all fears and phobias
  • Change in old behavior pattern
  • Capable of resolving self doubt and inner conflict
  • Analytical and decision taking ability

Our ANLP (Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming) helps the individual in achieving the personal and professional goals. CEO, emerging leaders and managers in different organizations suffer from stress, acute anxiety and deteriorating health due to hectic lifestyle, no relaxation and improper sleep.

Life coaching training program in Bangalore has revolutionized the life by 180 degree and has added new feathers in diminishing old belief system, identifying hidden skills and activating them to bring extraordinary changes in life.

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Healing and Transforming Mind with NLP Practitioner Certification

Why do some people suffer from stress, anxiety and depression or suffer from mid life crisis. The mind needs tickle, something unique, the novelty of being innovative and modern every time, setting own panache and statement.

The reason behind anxiety and depression is default behavior pattern influenced by the family and the society, old habits, poor analytical skills and decision taking ability. These above mentioned neurological traits result in unfulfilled desires, unbalanced emotions, low productivity and disturbed personal life.

Everything begins with a thought in mind, later we humans manifest the thought in reality. Anything is achievable, when mind is in proper state. Modern lifestyle and hectic schedule consume a big caboodle of energy leaving us exhausted with minimum repair time called deep sleep.

NLP practitioner certification course uses extensive methods and linguistic reframing combinations to teach you the art to control your feelings and emotions, identifying the weaker areas and fixing them, unwinding the brain and identifying the fears and phobias, depleting all the painful memories, old belief system, and old trapped thoughts and resolving inner conflicts through communication.

Benefits of NLP practitioner certification

The question arises, why us? We at Wisdom Tree Solutions provide high quality learning training completely under the guidance of world class trainers recognized by ANLP (Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming). Our trainers not only lay emphasis on stress management, boosting the performance level, but a major portion is dedicated to achieve robust state of health.

The training program guides to analyze and set realistic goals skipping over expectations, developing self esteem and confidence to tackle even the worst scenarios, influential communication skills to leave long lasting impression on others, team work and working endlessly to achieve the goal.

The training course has been instrumental in healing and transforming the mind into a tranquil and peaceful junction. The program is a massive hit among corporate and profit reaping organizations. Team work, exaggerated motivation level and leadership skills are found more prevalent in the organizations, which showed their interest in NLP certification in Delhi. Every decision is a money spinner.

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What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming that covers the three dominant components responsible for modifying human sensory experience through a brief understanding of neuro(the mind), language and human programming.

Since the advent of human civilization, we have discovered and learned numerous languages from phonetics to full-fledged scripts, but seldomly tried to understand the language of the mind.

NLP studies how directives to the mind modify behaviour patterns, habits and thought processes. It serves as a user manual for the mind. Once you know how to operate the mind & become a master of the language; any and everything is achievable.

NLP talks about the conscious and unconscious mind as one. The conscious mind observes and analyzes the outside world while the unconscious mind processes the data to form ideas and beliefs.

To be honest, NLP is all about making life simpler. It is not a concept out of a book but something worth experiencing.

Raghunath Tripathi

Post Script:

Here at WisdomTree Solutions, our only mission is to empower everyone; help them in identifying their real potential and break the shackles of unresourcefulness, insecurity, stress and other mental blocks. We provide the NLP training in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Goa and various other cities in India.

In addition to our core NLP certification programs, we have some popular corporate training courses such as NLP for Personal Transformation, Leadership program, Supercharging business sales through NLP, Metaphorically Speaking, etc.

NLP Articles

How to Boost Sales with NLP

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) came into scene to solve the personal and mental issues of the clients, but in the sand of time it stretched from personal to professional foreground. It has flexed its muscles in the new realms of business and has emerged as a modern tool to boost sales and productivity in different market verticals.

NLP has been instrumental in guiding NLP practitioners discover more innovative methods and techniques to boost sales through deep understanding about the human psychology and its refection of sensory organs and body language.

You can master the art of selling by following the tenets of NLP mentioned below. It is no skill, but complete awareness.

Body language

It you possess a sharp grasping power and completely aware about the circumstances around, the chances of failure is below par. Being aware about the other body language of the client can always help you in reframing your sales speech for optimum results.

Rapport building

The ability to understand other person thoughts, interests and likely wise promote the common understanding on various subjects. This is extremely helpful in rapport building.


Intonation is a control over the voice tones and brings different variations according to situation during the entire conversation. It helps in invoking burdened emotions and hidden intentions of the client helpful in long term relationship.

Vibrating on same frequency

To make the sale, it is important to be on the same page along with the client. Once you match the body language and all the mannerism of the client, you can easily take a lead in the conversation and influence the client purposefully. It is not that difficult, all you need is to follow some NLP tricks and techniques.

Various business magnets have crossed the vivacious sea of competency through NLP have mushroomed their business to different spheres.

NLP Articles

5 Different priceless skills you will learn at the NLP

There is a huge difference between knowing, realizing and understanding any feeling or behavior. You may know every piece of information available, but of no use without implementation. Realization has no edge too, ok fine you realized other person potential or yours, but now what?

Yes, much can be done through understanding. If you can easily understand other person psychology, behavior or any trait of the personality, manipulation or modification is easy.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), the modern day social technology has tremendous benefits to transform human life from mental bankruptcy to peaceful life. Still acquainted with NLP, let’s try to understand NLP by understanding five different priceless skills you will master as an NLP practitioner:-

Ability to inspire

If you closely witness the nature of the sun, it is the biggest model of inspiration. Everything fades during night, plants sleep, the world goes to the hibernate mode. It signifies, motivation is over and darkness enters. As sun rises, flowers blossom and prosperity begins, the atmosphere around is completely charged and motivated.

NLP practitioner has the prowess to inspire anyone and bring him out from the dark den and motivate him towards his goals.

Teacher of body language

Sub conscious mind is much stronger than conscious mind. It represents your non verbal communication collectively called body language. Verbal communication can be misjudged, but body language is more prominent. During the course, you will learn reading the non verbal hints depicted by the client.

Being interrogative

If you always getting undesired results or answers is life, mark my words either your action is wrong or asking the wrong question. Right questions will always lead to right answers. As a NLP practitioner, you learn to take better decisions by asking the right answers.

Triggering anchors

Anchor is a stimulus response, the way you feel the way you want, complete enjoyment. It could be through words, ideas, product or services. Anchoring is nothing, but an internal response. As a NLP practitioner you learn to trigger anchor in the client.


During the journey of NLP practitioner you will learn to be experimental, be fearless, gain new experiences, building self esteem and confidence within you. Painful but blessing in disguise.

NLP Articles

Maintaining work life balance through NLP

Why do we witness so many cases of depression in metro cities? Disturbed social life and punctured professional life is leading to deep level of stress, low productivity, work place conflicts, and anxiety and yet not recognized mental illness.

Staying awake during night, drug addiction, loneliness, fatigue, etc are the just the first layer of the actual problem. Depression, high/low blood pressure, diabetes, obsessive compulsive disorder, etc are the outcome of imbalanced work and life.

Various corporate houses and even some government organizations lay huge emphasis on developing leadership skills, personality development, sales boost, etc.

Few eyeballs grab the requirement of maintaining cordial balance between work and life through life coaching. The employee gets struck in no way zone and suffers, but NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) has broken all the barriers and made impossible possible.

Yes, you can easily switch between your personal and professional life through NLP tricks and techniques without any hassle. Before we touch this sensitive topic, it is important to understand, what NLP is:-

Neuro– It means being completely aware about your emotions, feelings and inflow/outflow traffic of thoughts.

Linguistic- Able to identify various aspect of life, the ones being neglected or given over weightage.

Programming- Now once you have realized your emotional states and various aspects of life. It is important to bring a shift in paradigm in behavior and maintaining cordial balance.

In order to maintain the balance, it is necessary to understand your value system. Understand your behavior, likes and dislikes, what keeps you motivated, etc. In a nutshell, reading the user manual of the software called mind.

So the path breaking step is recognizing the things we love, what things ignites passion in life. If you are in a job you hate and feel suffocated, it is better to leave do what you are passionate about.

This will save you from over exhaustion, safeguard your personal life and proving mettle on professional front too.