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Neutralizing Pain and pleasure through NLP

Electron, proton and neutron and how maintain the balance

Our life pendulum oscillates between the yin and yang energy, the pain and pleasure factor. Either you are in pain, trying your heart out to run away or barricading it. If you experience the pleasure, there is no stopping, we will seek unlimited attempt to experience it more and more.

Why is it so? Human runs on emotions, we always aspire to feel some tingling sensation giving adrenaline rush. Human is nothing more than a flesh and bone machine without emotion. It is the essence of life. Pain and pleasure are the consequence of emotional survival. To survive, we need various variations of emotions. Emotions are actually designed to activate unlimited enjoyment receptors in the mind.

Human body is pre programmed for evolvement and pleasure. Pain is a different form of pleasure, there is no need to press the skip button.

Why do we hate pain and easily get addicted to pleasure

Pain is a sensory stimulation displaying the warning signal of shattered self esteem and damage. Hate is actually a defense mechanism installed within us to protect us from all unpleasant circumstances. Without pain, pleasure has no existence.  The problem is we easily get addicted to pleasure. You want to maintain the tempo, but pleasure is endless and speed less.

Smoking, drug abuse and over eating are primary examples of addiction. You know it is injurious to health, but you have lost control over the craving.

Decision taking ability is based on pain/ pleasure theory

Almost 95% of our decisions are derived from pain and pleasure theory. We either accept or reject, this is the core of any decision. The success lies in neutralizing both pain and pleasure. NLP has been instrumental in maintaining the cordial balance and aligning the electron, proton and neutron in the body.