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The Advantages of Life Coach Certification

Life is full of mysteries, up and downs, sometimes a blessing in disguise and sometimes disguise between all blessings. The fact is you can never plan life, it has its own pace. If you identify your strengths and passions and channelize all energies towards it, your plan sync with cosmos plan.

Another aspect of life is failure. What is failure? It is learning and just another step towards success. The failure gives us the reason to fight and evolve, otherwise you will get get bored and lose motivation in life. Failure is a blessing and the reason what we are today. It encourages creativity, innovation and dedication.

The problem is we don’t know how to overcome all obstacles in life and seriously need a compass to lead our life onthe righteous path and empowering you to achieve all the desired goals. We desperately need a friend, philosopher, guide and coach in our life. In a nutshell , we need a life coach.

What is the role of Life coach

A life coach is a person, who actually help their clients in self empowerment, resolve inner conflict and self doubt, eradicating all necessary fears and phobias, developing the skill to grab everyone’s attention through engaging communication skill, conquering our emotions an feeling and channelizing them towards desired goals, mastering reading body language and verbal and nonverbal communication, etc.

Over the years the coach industry has reached the pinnacle of success and stardom by providing a wide array of coaching career choice for people across the globe. From spiritual coach to peak performance coach to mainstream celebrity coach, they all are the branches of a tree called life coach.

We at Wisdom Tree Solutions understand the industry requirement  and give its best shot in ensuring excellence and sharpening advanced NLP skills for better productivity. In the recent times, our life coaching certification in Delhi has been a massive success showing a career path to aspirants across India. Our certification is not just a fulfillment of some mandatory knowledge and eligibility criteria required during the training course.

It ensures you have achieved a high level of training and can help clients across the globe.

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Who is a Life Coach

Once a disciple asked the teacher “What is life”. Bulging eyes, curious expressions and clueless body language depicted the mental tornado crumbling the mind. The teacher politely replied” Life is evolution, conscious development and constant change”. Create, operate and destroy are the three components of life.

A simple fact, every object in this material world is mortal and will die somewhere down the road. Many of my clients ask “What is the purpose of life” and I tell them “Evolution”. We are born to evolve. Whenever unwanted situation arise, we look for some divine energy to press the escape button and get us out of situation.

The bitter truth is challenges and problem arises to teach us our lesson and enable mental strength. We at Wisdom Tree Solutions ensure you faith is not broken and smashed. We will provide you the person capable of handling anything messy in life, one who had already conquered the emotional states and can make impossible possible.

The entity is called Life Coach. He is a person, who guides you to strike a cordial balance between the personal, social and professional life. During our NLP Life coaching India certification program the client learns:-

  • How to develop long term quality relationships
  • Boosting productivity
  • Developing influential communication skills
  • Breaking old habits
  • Conquering emotional states
  • Putting the halt board to all fears and phobias
  • Change in old behavior pattern
  • Capable of resolving self doubt and inner conflict
  • Analytical and decision taking ability

Our ANLP (Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming) helps the individual in achieving the personal and professional goals. CEO, emerging leaders and managers in different organizations suffer from stress, acute anxiety and deteriorating health due to hectic lifestyle, no relaxation and improper sleep.

Life coaching training program in Bangalore has revolutionized the life by 180 degree and has added new feathers in diminishing old belief system, identifying hidden skills and activating them to bring extraordinary changes in life.

Life Coaching NLP Articles

Living On Purpose, Find Your Purpose and Create an Extraordinary Life

Everyone should make out the purpose of the living of a meaningful life. It is no doubt that, without the living on purpose; we are nothing except a fish out of the water. Hence there is the need of proper guideline to creating an extraordinary life and a perfect life coaching is essential for consuming an extraordinary life. Everybody expects the radical change in the life; the proverb is exactly fit on the living on purpose as “Rome was not built in a day”. Actually, it is not so easy to implement the creativity in your life; this is so because of the lack of an acceptable behavior. So please be a focus, feel energy and be passionate about living a happy life.

For consuming the key factors of an extraordinary life, you should follow a proper guideline of a perfect life coaching, which includes the following success factors as like:

i) Be clear about your dream:

You should be a focus on the lucid picture for making a decision about your prosperity. So never be confused about what you really wanted to become in your life. Due to an absence of passion towards your dream, you will feel tireless and the chances of being a winner will befog of the inferiority complexion. Remember, you should deserve your work with a true dedication. It is said that a winner always creates opportunity while on the other hand a loser always escapes the opportunity. I mean to indicate that in spite of the hard labour, due to lack of a feeling as a winner, will efface your ambition. You can get failure also due to the arrogant behaviour, so always try to avoid the negative factors to achieve your goals in your future.

ii). Be stick to the point of action:

For doing anything positively, believe on which you are acting for continuously. This is so because due to lack of it your whole action may be worthless. In addition to it, you should summarise your passion with your painstaking effort. You should not be a miser in taking the reference to a successful person because it can motivate you on behalf of your inner strength. It is said that”action is louder than voice”. So always stick to your points of the goal.

iii) Be continuous towards your target:

It matters on gaining the goals in your life, that what is the extent of your deeds. There should not be a gap between your deeds and dedication. Always go ahead with something new and try to avoid your mistake but you should learn a lesson from your mistakes altogether. This is so because you can get experience from your mistakes in the past and hence past maintains records of your wisdom and follies regarding your ambition. However, you should maintain the continuity in spite of failures and never forget that failures are the pillars of your success.

In the concluding line, I would like to say that, you should be ambitious and ignore the ambiguity because it will blur your passion, dedication towards your deeds and at least your dream. Hence a perfect guideline of life coaching is mandatory to save the ambitions.

Life Coaching NLP Articles

Why do You Need a Life Coach?

Media is the strongest medium forming an indirect relationship between us and the entire world. We fall in love with an actress appearing on a daily soap, or get our self aware various paparazzi and juicy fashion, or how eminent personalities are changing the world through their vision and versatility.

When you see their candid interview, you realize another person, who is working tirelessly to make their life systematic, productive and organized. He is called Life coach. Now a day’s almost every celebrity, corporate giant and socialite have hired a life coach.

The reason behind their hiring was mismanaged life, hectic lifestyle, poor socialism, depression, anxiety and other mental issues may be caused due to failed relationships, job or business, and the reasons are endless. The depression has spread like malice in the society too, as everyone is on the radar of depression. Why is the urban life so stressed?

May be life coaching has a solution to it. Life coaching is an unofficial, non credited relationship between the life coach and the client. The idea behind the coaching is to unlock the complete human potential of the client. The job of the life coach is to address the personal and professional needs of the client and motivate him to fulfill all desires through the suitable and compelling approach.

An expert life coach knows how to help the client in finding the right goal and motivate him to achieve those goals with flying colors.

Here are primary reasons why do we need a life coach:-

  • To main cordial balance between the personal and professional life
  • To set and achieve new goals
  • Learn how to build quality relationships
  • How to get disciplined and self organized
  • How to stay motivated all the time
  • Develop time management skills
  • How to eliminate stress, anxiety and uncalled tension
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How You can be the Best Life Coach

What is life? It is the existence of our entity and continuously handling all the positive and negative emotions under different circumstances. Life is a series of unwanted challenges. The core behind any feeling, emotion is performance. It is a final result and defines our mettle over the subject earning us fame, money and success. Life is everything

An average or below par performance can affect our professional life tilting the mental pressure towards the personal life too. Still, there some enthusiastic professional around, who understand the science behind performance and conspire against the universe to help people in giving their best shot in every sphere of life. We call them “Life Coach”.

So this, by now it is evident that the blog is about understanding the ways to reach the pinnacle of life coaching.

Role of Life coach

  • A concise understanding about the human behavior, skills, beliefs, moral values, attitudes and characteristics
  • Develop the precious art of listening to other people and gathering the required data from the person
  • Using wide range of advanced techniques and coaching tools to improve the performance
  • Understanding the personal and professional hurdles faced and defining innovative ways to minimize if not possible to completely overcome it.

A coach must understand his inner self

Generating the emotional connection and getting to understand other person emotions, vision and personal goals.

Explaining the importance of emotional management and using them to our comfort and advantage.

Finding the primary reasons behind stress, anxiety and emotional imbalance

Using the power of visualization, making the other person comfortable and realizing him the benefit of self talk

Relationship management and the principles of achieving success

Developing the necessary points for self belief and transforming the mental energy into physical.

If the Life coach has all the above mentioned qualities in him, success might just be round the corner.

Life Coaching NLP Articles

Playing the Right Tune to Balance Work and Life

As a professional, our entire day is divided in two quarters. The day belongs to office and the night to personal life. This is a thumb rule followed by modern professional as it give abundant time to recharge the batteries and giving optimum performance in various domains.

The problem arises, when lust, greed and insecurity misbalance our life cycle. In the modern world, employment is about instant performance and not excellence. Other person is always ready to replace your designation and at less salary package. What happens next? It develops the feeling of insecurity.

The fear of insecurity propels you to compensate those extra hours in the office leaving you exhausted, directly affecting the personal life too. Those extra hours might earn you promotion, a salary hike, but what is the benefit, if you have no time to enjoy your earned money and achievements.

So here are few sure shot ways taught during our life coaching training program to maintain cordial balance between the work and the life:-

Spend some time without social media and E-mails

Social media was integrated in our life to make world a small place and bring every loved one closer, but what happened is complete vice versa. Every thirty second we receive some message constantly keeping us engage in virtual life.

The managers, CEO or even team leaders use social media to connect with team members and can assign any new task anywhere and anytime. So basically, you are always on duty. So use the platform according to your comfort, instead of being the puppet.

Don’t be a pleasure entity

We often try to impress other person and reside in their good books. You want to prove yourself as a dedicated, hardworking person in the eyes of others and needs their approval. This gives the other person the power to enjoy a great deal of pleasure. They feel like the smartest person and start taking you for granted.

Never ask for other approval, believe in your skills and understand your boundary.

Life is about balancing every aspect, some indulge into self realization and some constantly battle with stress. Don’t worry, join the life coach training program to conquer your emotional states, enhanced sensory alertness and lead a happy life.

Life Coaching NLP Articles

How to Cure Social Anxiety Through NLP Life Coaching

Do you find yourself uncomfortable in busy places or confronting your thoughts in the public? You suffer from social anxiety and the good part is you know the simple fact. There are three types of humans on this earth

  • Introvert
  • Extrovert
  • Ambivert

Social anxiety is actually not a concern for people with platonic job, but if you are in a media field, public relations or into telesales social anxiety is a big problem. It can put a full stop to your glorious career and affecting your personal life too.

You might find yourself dizzy expressing the emotions to other person considering the fact that other person might dismiss your thought, feeling or idea. Fear of failure is evident in the people with social anxiety phobia.

People with less experience surpass you in professional life. Your skill set might be enormous, but communication skill is exalted in social life. So are you fed up, lack of ideas have completely deported you to isolation. Mate you suffer from social anxiety.

How to fix social anxiety

Fear of evaluation is the main cause behind social anxiety. You are constantly under scrutiny, people analyze your moves, thoughts and actions, which kind of impact you negatively.

Anticipate and challenge the anxiety- You must analyze the fear pattern and the flow. Understand a simple fact that everyone has its own skill set and weakness, no one is perfect and you are no different. Wisdom Tree Solutions has introduced a simple yet extremely effective NLP Life Coaching technique calling it “Expose it”.

Completely expose yourself, irrespective of all odds, pros and cons. Go flaunt your personality with any fear of failure. Face your fear. It is like someone has thrown you inside a swimming pool and you are man with no swimming skills. At first it would look like a dead end, but after few days of practice , it becomes fun. Same is the case with social anxiety, simple face it. Don’t make every act so complicated.

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10 Ways to Develop Attractive Personality through NLP training

Personality is a fusion of behavior pattern, emotional intelligence, IQ, habits, attitude and values. It is a parameter of personal judgement in the society is widely responsible for failure and success.

It is complete inbuilt skill set, a default version of yourself. The materialistic world is about create, operate and destroy. A plant keeps growing during its entire lifetime, so same we can always add new feathers to our personality skill set making it mass appealing.

Personality development is not about dressing well or speaking fluent English, but an all round development.

So here are ten ways to develop attractive personality through NLP training:-


Confidence is not about physical appearance, financial status and egoistic behavior. Confidence is independent and develops the attitude to show gratitude, accept the mistakes and taking own initiative. The confidence to do whatever you want without any fear, guilt.

Communication skills

Communication is a reflection of the feelings. Competition creates rivals not admirers. Being polite and caring is the key. English is overhyped due the fact that it is a globally accepted language. Nothing fancy about it. Always use engaging and captivating words to leave an outstanding impression. Remember first impression is the last impression.

Understand others body language

Facial expressions,body postures and walking styles reveals every aspect of your personality. It is easy to assess other person interest, mood and confidence level by understanding the body language. The skill can help you during interaction.

Be a good listener

Be a listener, let the other person words flow inside your ear drums. Look into other person eyes and try to understand the feelings behind the word. To make the conversation more engaging, ask questions amidst the discussion.

Be positive
Optimistic person always have a huge mass following because he believe sin making impossible a possible task. He never gives up.


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NLP Mind Hack- How to Take Control of Your Life

Life is mysterious, most of the time we feel helpless as situations are out of control. Something out of the box happens every time leaving us clueless. We have no control over our body and mind. The life is buffering at **** gigabytes per second with auto play on. So the reality is we can’t stop or re start our life, but can take control of our life just like a pilot flying the plane.

NLP life coaching training program is specially designed to conquer your emotional states, changing the unwanted behavior as well the core cause behind others behavior and decision making ability. We are the creators of our 90% problems. So how to reach the admin panel of life and change the default settings to customized.

The core problem is uncertainties and our non- flexible attitude. Anguish and pain is felt when life doesn’t move according to our plans.  I will give not one, two, but three ways to take control of your thoughts, desires and goals.


The first way and the most effective way is acceptance. Learn to accept your strengths and weakness. Irrespective of your physical appearance, financial background, skills and reputation, you are unique and the best version of yourself. Learn to forgive your mistakes and appreciate your efforts. Fall in love with yourself.

Know how to invoke right emotion at right time

Emotions are the most beautiful thing on the planet making feel loved and adored binding us as a family and in much wider lenses as a civilization. Emotions= Energy in motion. Once the emotions are conquered, you can trigger right emotion matching the situation to enhance the productivity and bring out the desired output.

Change in attitude

A change in perception is a sign of broad vision. Every problem has multiple solutions and sometimes problem is a gateway to solution. All you need is an eye to identify the solution.