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Learn how to train your mind to attain success

The unlimited potential of mind is yet to be tapped. If your mind loses a situation at a sub conscious level, then your loss is fixed at physical level. This is the primary reason, we are often told to stay positive and develop a self-belief in our capabilities.

Untamed mind is dangerous, it automatically commands the body to hibernate. Hibernate in human kind world is called laziness. A lot of discoveries and research have been made on mind and to improve quality of living and make world a better place to live.

The mind is flexible and can be trained to achieve the desired output. So here are few proven tricks based on various research reports, which can customize your brain:-


Albert Einstein once said “Imagination is more important than knowledge” , he used the visualization power to transform thought into reality. Srinivasa Ramanujan, the mathematician who gave the world the theory of infinity visualized the equation in dreams with different solutions and wrote all of them in his notebook.

Visualize your goal. The mind power is unable to detect the difference between the action taken and the action visualized. If you are nervous regarding an interview or presentation, imagine yourself giving a wonderful presentation with all facts and figures and people applauding your style of speaking and positive approach. This trick works.

Never reveal your goals

Most of us have a bad habit of sharing all secrets and goals with friends and colleagues to impress them or rather letting them know how gigantic our goals are. Never do that. The mind gets confused between the talking and the doing and feels the objective is already achieved. Try to control your social anxiety.

Stress management through thought

Again there is a loop hole to trick the mind. Mind can’t detect the difference between virtual threat and physical threat, it respond the same. Try to wipe fearful and negative thoughts and handle the stress by focusing on a positive thought.

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