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Learn How to Feel Cool at Work with NLP

Do you like your workplace or just a place for bread and butter? Daily performance evaluations, strict deadlines, boss scoldings and low salary package always distract us from present and take us to future.

No matter how good I perform, my boss is never going to appreciate my efforts. We unconsciously generate negative emotions and feelings to the things, which have never happened in actual. I call it useless imagination.

So, it is evident that imagination plays a major role in enhancing or decreasing the stress and pressure in the office environment. It is capable of influencing our feelings and just by triggering the motion you can actually learn how to feel good at work.

NLP training Pune has used imagination as an important tool in fixing human emotions, fear, trauma and unwarranted behavior. You can’t change the situation, but can actually change your state of mind.

How imagination affects your feelings

It is a fact that brain really has difficult time in differentiating the difference between reality and imagination. So when you imagine things, the brain releases certain positive hormones and stores the responses if the thing happened in real. Mind has unlimited potential.

Humor will evolve and you can imagine same situation with different permutation and combination.

Let’s understand how to implant imagination to feel good anywhere and everywhere

Now here is a trick, which could actually regulate your mood, emotions and feelings during work to inject motivation and boost productivity.

During night, imagine the best office day tomorrow

Think how could your best office day, what things you will like to do and earn recognition in return from boss and the colleagues. How would your interact and how will your share all the accolades and happiness with your friends and families.

Imagine new situations and questions before any presentation

Just before any meeting or presentation, imagine new situations, ideas and prompted questions and an inspiring conversation with the boss. Think how boss loved your ideas, this simple exercise will regulate good mood.