Emotional Intelligence Training

Learn Five Habits of People With High Emotional Intelligence

It is now widely accepted that emotional intelligence plays much more crucial role in health, wealth, success and every sphere of life in comparison to IQ (Intelligent Quotient). A guy with high emotional intelligence training is apple of everyone’s eyes and the core of mass hypnosis.

What are the qualities, which sets emotionally intelligent people apart from rest? Based on real life scenarios and different researches, here are the five common habits found in people with high emotional intelligence:-

Half full instead of half empty

Emotionally sound people always seek the positive side rather than wasting energy and time on complaints and unnecessary problems. They focus on what can be done rather than impossible. This is not an inherited quality, but a conscious decision taken by them to enrich their thought process.

Birds of same feather flock together

Positive attracts positive. A positive person understands the importance of vibrant radiating energy and avoids negative people in life capable of draining their energy reserves. Negatively people somehow quickly adapt to negative situations and can easily influence you by showing thousand reasons to fail. We don’t need thousand reasons to fail, but one reason to succeed.