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Law of love vs. Law of attraction

What if someone tells you the trick to attract money, fame, success, hot damsels just by chanting their names and dreaming about them all day? You want to own a Ferrari, feel like you already have it, you are driving it with your girlfriend around and thought will manifest in real life.

Even Paulo Coelho said “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” If this is a real universal law, then why still there is malice, corruption, betrayal, failure on this planet. Everyone fantasizes for success, peace and happiness. This clearly indicates Law of attraction is a media boiled hoax and has set the internet on fire for boasting claims.

Various authors wrote books on it, which became the bestseller for weeks. We often get attracted towards occult science or any mysterious art, a big credit goes to fairytales, folklores and various legends. In the sand of time I realized every skill, art has some rules and work flow, and there is a complete process. There is no such concept as law of attraction, but the actual term is law of love.

What is Law of Love

In our life we all are blessed with some specific talent, which makes us unique and special. No one has taught us, we have few inbuilt traits. With time society and media slowly but steadily brainwashed us and told us a new definition of success. They fed us of being unsuccessful until we don’t follow their path. For instance, success lies in money and fame instead of inner peace and happiness. We tend to lose our track and follow the crowd blindly.

Success lies in passion. It is highly driven strong emotion towards the subject. Emotion is energy into motion. You would be keen to explore every time and never worry about the outcome. Every step is fun, everyday is new learning and unknowingly you master the art. You reach the pinnacle of excellence and success is at your feet, but is not even on your priority list.

Always listen to your heart, it never lies and teaches you to spread love all around. Don’t be a citizen, who follows the trails of pied piper. Our NLP training India programs core inner value is teach you to appreciate yourself, love for what you are, erase all the guilt and enjoy the life of wisdom.

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