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Is NLP a Process Oriented Psychology?

-When this question comes in mind then we think for a while atleast what is NLP? What is the meaning of ‘this’ particular word? If we are able to find out this word then we will better explain this word in an easy way.

NLP: From its name it reveals that it is Neuro Linguistic Programming that deals with behavioral body pattern. Neuro: thinking process, the way anyone uses your senses to understand your feelings and what is happening around you. Linguistic: the words and languages used by yourself to influence others and people around you. Programming: It is basically your behavior. The way you represent your actions, ideas and advices in front of others which product in positive and negative outcomes.

In other words NLP is defined as Neuro– It is directly related to our brain. Everything that we experience in our daily life like conscious and unconscious events all are related to our sense organ; central nervous system. Linguistic– all mental activities thinking, acting everything is transformed and encoded through the use of language. Programming– communication or conversation is systemized in the form of programming. NLP is used in many different possible ways to make any relationship stronger, to develop good skills with the help of using your own abilities.

Basically NLP is a process oriented psychology which deals with different situations and analyze how and why this outcome has arrived. Analyzing deeply any situation will give you desired outcome and can see what are the hindering materials.

“The greatest discovery of our generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their states of mind.”-  William James

NLP training offers an elastic approach which brings positive and fast change in organizations and individuals and entitles them to adapt to an ever changing environment. In NLP methodology it involves various models and techniques to help you to understand people’s behavior, thinking and area of interest to work for their betterment. Empowerment is necessary in this changing and involving India.

NLP explains the basic dynamics and relation between the mind (neuro) and language (linguistic) and how their connection affects our behavior and body language. Human mind refers the neurological system which transforms words and languages with the help of sensory organs both conscious and unconscious. This thought process activates neurological system which results in emotions, behavior and physiology. NLP is learning about how to manage our own emotions to get desired outcomes or in other words it can be defined as controlling our own behavior to get maximum benefited results.

Linguistic explained as how to express our emotions and thoughts with the use of good language. It is language used to communicate with others our own idea and way of thinking. Language is responsible in building strong rapport, to influence people whether you have conversation with any individual or in a group.

NLP training taught you how to access words and languages to work more effectively and impressively. NLP acts as personality development tool to enhance personality and emotions to have better communication with others.