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How to stop negative emotions using sub-modalities

Once during a NLP emotional intelligence training program a candidate asked me a path breaking question “What is life”. I replied in a generalized way stating the physical aspect of our living cells evolving through growth and reproduction. As I was about to get a bore NLP practitioner tag, I twisted the statement by iterating “Love is life”.

Candidates laughed and applauded, but the question stuck in my memories constantly giving me reminder to re-design my answer. I was restless and changing my sides all night evaluating the correct answer. During the entire life, we are obsessed with goals at various spheres and just to experience that winning state.

Hard work, dedication and discipline are the tools to achieve this state. In most of the scenarios, we are following the dream because others are doing the same too. We follow the ambitions with no reason and real burning desire. Is life all about goals?

During the entire life goes through various phases calling it positive and negative emotions. Most of the people ask me on how to stop negative emotions. So, there are many ways, but let’s do it using sub-modalities.

Sub-modalities in NLP are five senses of humans (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory), primarily responsible for the human experiences. Whenever, you are flooded with the negative emotions, use sub-modalities to overcome it. For instance you are feeling depressed, change the visual. Watch any humorous video and mood will change, until you restore the depression.

Listen to some real cool music to change the mood, smell smoothing aromatic and likewise use other senses.

You need to understand the difference between the mind and the brain. Mind is an enjoyment freak, it gives us illusion and has no limit. It wants more enjoyment in any form. Activate your brain power and keep a control on our mind by this simple trick.

Consider mind as not a part of yourself and focus on it. Witness how it is playing tricks with you. It will lose all its power and allow the brain to take the proceeding.

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