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How to Reprogram Your Life Through NLP Hypnosis Training

What if we could rewind our life few years back living those little fond memories? Spell bound beautiful thought! First day to school, first crush negotiations and sweet conflicts with parents, first job, discussing problems with friends entire and playing guitar. The list is never ending.

How spell bound thought! A hypothetical beautiful odyssey and yes free of cost. You don’t have to buy a ticket. Just close your eyes and let your train of thoughts hover around. But, I guess we need an addition of clause. Our emotions must not halt at bad memories, only move towards positivity. Happiness is the essence of life.

So the first step is to track the thoughts and emotions. Open a word document and describe yourself with brutal honesty. Admit your strengths and weakness in the bluntest way possible. Be true to yourself.

Second step is replacing the negative emotions and feelings with the positive one. Your mind is automatically trained to give unnecessary attention to the negative thoughts. The thoughts transform into obsessive compulsion, which is really hard to break.

So here is a really simple exercise to reprogram your mind. This exercise is a part of NLP hypnosis training. Feed your mind with positive thoughts thrice in a day. For instance, you can I am cool, smart and caring. Before I continue, here is a reminder. Words invoke feelings in our mind emitting different frequencies.

Say to yourself “I am cool, smart and caring” thrice a day. Give yourself 30 days and see a shift in paradigm. The brain is majorly divided in three parts (Conscious, Unconscious and Subconscious). The unconscious part of the brain will store these words in the long term memory.

Next time when you feel depressed or life is playing hide and seek. Speak out these words loud and whirlwind of positivity around you. It is proven trick and is widely used by NLP hypnotist to remove the negative feelings.

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