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How to quit smoking with NLP

NLP has been instrumental in breaking the old behavior pattern and achieve peaceful state of mind and robust health. The swish pattern is highly acclaimed NLP technique used by the NLP practitioners  certification across the globe with commendable success ratio.

It has done wonders in case of addictions, unwarranted behavior and habits. People have got rid of major addiction like smoking and drugs through swish technique. Is smoking taking toll on your lungs affecting the personal and professional life?

Do you want to quit smoking within a month? Yes, you can. Here is how to do it.

First step is to let your addiction instinct take over. For instance, the NLP practitioner tells the client to light the cigarette and ask him “How do you feel”. Now here is an actual trick, usually clients say they feel relaxed. The picture is clear, cigarette is a stress buster for him.

When he inhales few puffs of cigarette, certain hormones are released in the body and imagination takes over. You have to delete the old imagination and replace it with more superior imagination.

Then the practitioner asks the client about any strong picture or imagination, which empowers him with immense will power and mental strength. For instance, in one case the client revealed his love for his wife and visualizes her as the life engine.

I asked him to light the cigarette and visualize you lying on the hospital bed and wife crying beside you cursing for the smoking habit. I told him to visualize the same image before lighting up the cigarette.

The client normally complains that both the image occurs at the same time. So, I ask him the view both the images in grid view and swipe the old image. This is called the swish technique. After few minutes, I asked the client to visualize both the images and he could no longer hold the old image. We tried this technique for 20 days and he was able to quit the smoking habit completely.