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How to Get Rich – Attract Money Tips Using the Subconscious Mind

Sometimes I believe what is the purpose of life? Sorry, no spiritual drama or attaining salvation. Ultimate goal is happiness, peace and prosperity. If you are detached person and believe in the principle of simple living and high thinking, the blog is not drafted for you.

If you want to enjoy happiness through matter, this blog is specially drafted to unlock the tips to get rich through the subconscious mind. Money is the quintessential tool to live life to the fullest. The problem is people consider money as the goal.

Now the universal question wobbling in every person mind is how to get rich? There is a famous phenomenon “money attracts money”. To attract money, you have to be money, behave like money, and flow like money. Sounds little confusing, you have to change your mind set about money.

You have to feel like a wealthy guy, always thinking various ways to attract wealth in the mind. Here is a reminder, it should be clear why do want to be rich. Once “Why “clear, the mind automatically will pave the way for “What” and “How”. Your actions will manifest money in real life. This is not just a theory, but an experience felt by thousands across the globe.

Is job a stable solution?

Job is a solution, but job is not the most valuable thing in life. It is only a source of earning money making your life purposeful. The money is to find your inner self and attain ultimate happiness.

Train your subconscious mind through inspirational friends

You would notice that there is always a platoon of trustful and inspirational friend behind every successful person. They always push you hard towards your goals and ambitions.


If you are just a mediocre person, look around the environment nearby. If you are stuck in real terrible environment between poor and greedy people, you will never become rich. Aware yourself and choose the balanced environment matching your money magnet.