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How to fulfill your dreams through self hypnosis

According to different researches from every horizon of the globe, 90% of the total population is gullible and is susceptible to hypnotism. Market is nothing, but a junction of mass hypnosis training. You are made to feel lonely, less beautiful, under confident, insecure, etc through various audio visual mediums like News papers, TV, holdings and internet right at the top.

Every time, the market trickster showcases new illusion or trick to tempt the crowd leaving them wanting more. Everyone knows the truth behind advertising, but still are spell bound. The power of hypnosis is not negligible. You spend your entire life fulfilling other person goal, ambitions and dreams, what about yours?

Don’t you want to fulfill your ambitions, dreams and aspirations? If yes, this blog is especially dedicated to you. You will learn how to fulfill your dreams through self hypnosis. In modern times, self hypnosis is used for fixing all kind of mental and physical ailments like allergies, weight loss/ gain, stabilizing stress, anxiety and tension, etc.

You don’t need a hypnotist for self hypnosis. Let’s understand few steps on how to apply self hypnosis in our daily lives.

  • Subconscious mind plays a deciding factor in your life. It is your autopilot brain, it downloads all the information even during the sleep. Train your subconscious mind with positive thoughts and statements. For instance give command “No matter, whatever happens, I will remain happy”. Sit quietly for few minutes and train your mind, this is a result proven exercise.
  • Visualize a situation, where you are down and out and in no situation to come out of clutter. And all of sudden, adrenaline rush flows in your veins and you wake up liking phoenix rising from the ashes. After complete combat, you emerge as winner with flying colors.

Try these two exercises, you will find it hard for few days, but once the program is installed in mind, miracles will happen every day and every time.

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