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How to Fall in Love With Yourself – NLP Training

Human life is like a pocket watch swinging between happiness and sorrows. The problem is we want to experience happiness all the time and skip the pain button, but gain and pain are the two sides of the same coin.

There is always other person responsible for making us feel happy, fun loving or a piece of trash. We have forgotten to love our self. Why do we need someone else to love? Do we consider our self inferior, boring and non loving entity in our own eyes? How dreadful and what a pity? Our personality is governed by others.

Is there any way that we finish our dependency on others and learn to fall in love with the inner beauty? Yes, there is. I will tell five ways to fall in love with yourself through few NLP tricks:-

Date yourself

Usually we date the other gender, try to check out the compatibilities points and spend a quality memorable time, but did you ever date yourself? No, still not. Go to your favorite restaurant, order your favorite food and write a journal stating your interests, hobbies, how do you feel about yourself and dissect various aspects of your personality. Try it, it sounds creepy, but can do wonders.

Go on a solo trip

The best way to love your self is to explore. Do you think, this is you with this limited skill set? You are wrong, this is just a mere image created by the parents and the society. Who are you? Have you every explored your hidden talents, interests and possibilities which you have never thought of. Explore now and look how cool you are.


When there is light, there will be darkness too. Magnet as always have two poles. Learn to accept your weakness. Accept the way you are.