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How to delete the thought through hypnosis

Ancient sages and scriptures describe world as a materialistic manifestation of illusion. Every time we set new goals, desire for something new because once the objective is achieved, instead of enjoying it, we set another milestone. Call it irony or human tragedy, but a harsh truth. We never get satisfied and keep running for extra success, pleasure, money and fame. There is no ending.

Some desires are fulfilled, but 90% of them remain unfulfilled causing friction and internal battle between mind, body and soul. The mind wants to achieve the goal by hook or crook, trying all the tricks and techniques, but body opposes the mind command causing resistance and hatred.

This hatred is the primary reason behind any disease, virus and infection occurring in the body. If we decode the origin of desire, what would it be like? Everything begins with a thought, invoking the emotions and transforming into a desire. Now, when, due to any circumstance or situation if it remains unfulfilled, the problem is round the corner.

Unfulfilled desires causes stress, anxiety and tension. The trapped thought is the real reason behind every problem. Today, in this blog, I will reveal the trick to delete the trapped thought through hypnosis. Yes, it is very much possible if you learn the switch on and switch off technique.

It is an ancient practice used by the sages and widely used in hypnosis. It is actually not a term, but I call it. You can switch off the trapped thought and dispose it in the unconscious mind. During the hypnosis, the practitioner takes the client to the trance state and asks him to visualize the time, when he was happy, satisfied, mind working sharply, no financial crisis and life is at peace.

The practitioner takes the client to the past and throws various negative situations and asks him how he would respond. A positive mind finds the solution to the problem and even releases all the hidden trapped thoughts.

This technique has worked for thousands of clients across the globe. Hypnosis is not a mystic art, but a complete medical procedure.