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How to Cope up with Depression and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Desires are like the flowing tides creating ripples in the brain. They are omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. They are endless. Expectation is born from the womb of desire and is nurtured in the cradle of ego. When some desire is left unfilled, our expectations break the entire emotional defense leading to depression.

Depression is nothing but your crushed expectations. Human desires and time doesn’t live in same blocks. When desires are unfilled, the lust towards the desire increases, overinflated lust transform into anxiety and anger. Anger burns our intelligence and lead to depression.

We imagine our desires all the time, to such an extent that imagination and reality are same for us.  Our all energy levels are targeted at unfulfilled desire disturbing our Social and professional life. This is called obsessive compulsive disorder. The disorder is ware about our desire and implant thoughts, images and addiction developing into repetitive behavior affecting our life.

How to sail over our desires

Realization is a boat, which can help us sail over our desires. Not everyone is gifted with common sense, logical ability and balanced emotions and requires outside help. NLP foundation course training can provide you the bridge to cross all the stress, anxiety and depression. Not all the desires can be fulfilled, don’t carry the expectation burden on your shoulder. Keep it free.

You might be guessing what is NLP foundation course all about? The highlighted curriculum points of the course are:-

  • First and the most important, guiding you towards fulfilling your desires. Desire is also the pillar of success. A satisfied mind is responsible for mental and physical body.
  • Learning the methodology towards increasing the work efficiency and productivity
  • Understanding how to influence others through charismatic communication
  • Developing the ability to adopt new thoughts, behavior pattern and new habits
  • Understanding the body language and mood expressions.


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