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How to change your life through thoughts

There is huge difference between being happy and smiling. Happiness is internal, but smiling could be fake and deceiving. Is your happiness reserved to selfies, Instagram or Facebook. Is this an attempt to become happy and spreading jealousy? Ask this question to yourself.

The truth is that deep inside you are hurt, sad, disgusted and have completely lost your control on emotions. You consider yourself as an epitome of gentleness, uniqueness and a man of class, but doubt your own abilities. Why? May be your social circle finds you unconventional and label you as a boaster, good for nothing. What difference does it make?

I am here to tell you that anything is possible in this materialistic world. Yes, you can transform your life by changing your thoughts and beliefs. Do you know that human body has radio frequency and electromagnetic field around? The body emits feelings in the form of vibrations to the cosmos and it manifests in real life.

So you can choose what to attract. It is like sending the desired signals to the cosmos. It is unofficial and not much celebrated part of emotional intelligence. Like attract like and hate attracts hate.

So, how to change the thought process to attract success, prosperity and happiness? Follow these simple four steps.

The key lies in self realization. Analyze your thoughts, witness are they negative or positive. If negative, make a conscious effort that you will not get into the trap of negativity and walk towards positivity.

Use the statements that realize the self worth and chant the line regularly until it get stored in your subconscious mind. Give your mind worthy and positive food and soon you will witness a positive perception within you.

Don’t rely merely on words. Try it. Repeat your thoughts and it will become reality.