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How to Build Rapport in 30 Seconds

What is rapport? It is a close harmonious relationship with mutual understanding and appreciating each other emotions and feelings. We tend share cool rapport with people having common interest and interact at the same frequency of ours. A great rapport is a clear sign of quality relationship.

Rapport building has utmost significance in marketing and hospitality sector. They teach the students playing the right chord of emotions of customers or patients.

How to build rapport

First step

First step is always analyzing other person behavior, body language and mood. If you can observe these traits closely, the first level is easily crossed.

Second step

Second step is engagement. There may be occasion, when customer doesn’t respond in a positive tone and looks agitated. Don’t hang on him trying to explain the technicalities. Instead take a pause and ask in a polite way that is everything fine with him and can you ask for his valuable time.

This will calm the person and there are more probabilities that he might hear you patiently and respond positively. Be empathic and jolly at the same time. Include few common engaging subjects in between to keep the effective communication going.

Step three

Always look into the customer eyes and generate a feeling of goodwill and mutual trust. Try to smile with your eyes. Once the trust and camaraderie is established, the customer responds in a mirror image way.

Image mirror method is a way to win customer trust installing the faith in the comfort zone. The customer will completely rely on your decision making. It is a tricky art and involves a brief understanding about human emotions and psychology. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program) has been instrumental in finding innovative ways to supercharge the sales through various mind hack tricks.

If you see a dip in your sales graph affecting the company performance, NLP supercharge your sales is your sure shot solution.

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