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How to become emotionally independent

Humans are social animal, a much advance race than their contemporaries. Other species only relies on food, sex and shelter, but humans have a pond of various emotions inside them, which makes them unique and master of this planet.

Emotions can literally charge or discharge human body energy levels. Logical brain is manipulative, it can analyze and reason out different situations and is almost a guarantee for success, but without emotions it is like mango without taste.

The problem with emotions is, they always fly on auto pilot mode and over a period of time understand the behavior pattern and tends to control them. For instance, your boss scolds you for some wrong calling you nerd, without reaching any conclusion you explode with anger and cross justify him.

It can be a temporary relief, but can lead to hazardous problems in your professional life. Life is filled with numerous examples and end result is you being the slave of your emotions. Being emotionally independent is the key.

To be emotionally independent, you need to possess a substantial amount of emotional intelligence within you to manage the emotions and feelings. Now here are few ways to identify different emotions and use them to your benefit:-

Emotion identification

You can easily identify the pre signs and symptoms of any emotion through the behavior pattern and body language. Immediately ask yourself the pros and cons and how this emotional energy is going to affect you. Whenever you feel overflow of emotions ask these questions:-

How are you feeling?

How are your sensory organs acting?

What my mind is telling me to do?

Am I in right frame of mind to take decisions?

Managing emotions

Identifying the emotions makes it extremely easy for us to manage them according to different situations. Once you start understanding the emotions, you can take immediate actions to nullify the emotion by influencing it through outside factors such as good music, concentrating on some good memories, etc.

Through high emotional intelligence you can avoid any serious problem leading towards the downfall.